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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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We have extended our learning of Living Things and Their Habitats by looking at different habitats and what minibeasts love there. We compared a flowerbed to a damp log and recorded how many minibeasts where living in them. Although it is winter, the children understood that they wouldn't see some minibeasts such as caterpillars, butterflies and ladybirds and they are looking forward to seeing these more in spring and summer! The children also looked at a choice chamber to predict where woodlice would go. They had a choice of somewhere light and dry, light and damp, damp and light and damp and dark. They discovered that the woodlice went to the damp dark place as the dark enables them to hide from predators and that they prefer damp places such as the log outside on the field.

We are continuing our learning of living things and their habitats this term and have been looking outside for things that are living, dead or never been alive!