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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Stemettes after school club Term 3 KS1 girls

Week 4 - Mala

During tonight's session the Stemettes met Mala is a Senior Sharepoint Engineer from Kuala Lumpur, we were focusing on the global aspect of wind energy and taking a closer look at the importance of all countries working together to produce green energy. The girls then researched the wind farm at Hornsea and then designed their own wind farm

Week 3 - Katrine

This week the girls met Katrine, who is responsible for making sure wind farms are up and running correctly. They learnt more about one of the planning roles in wind energy. The girls started this session by looking at which materials would be most suitable to make the blades of a wind turbine. They looked at metal, plastic and wood then graded it on suitability depending on it's strength, durability and whether it is waterproof. They also learnt a bit more about what makes a good wind farm.

This week the girls started to understand some of the engineering basics involved in wind energy.  They met Tesse, an Engineering Graduate, before they made an an anemometer. They used cardboard for the blades and paper cups to catch the wind.

Week 1 - Georgia Grace

This week the girls met Georgia. Georgia’s role is a maintenance technician which involves leading service teams when completing routine maintenance on the turbines. Georgia also is a team member during troubleshooting tasks and general turbine work. Georgia currently works at Race Bank wind farm on a 2-week on 2-week off shift pattern working from a Service Operation Vessel. After meeting Georgia, the girls made their own wind socks, using A4 paper. The designed their wind socks then glued different coloured tassels to the bottom and then made a handle for it.