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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Can I subtract by taking away?

Year 1 continued their learning of subtracting by using a first, now and then grid to help them visualise the concept of taking away.

Can I use a number line to subtract?

Year 1 continued their learning of subtraction, this time by using a number line.

Can I solve problems with money using addition?

Year 2 had a shop today, they had to buy 2 things by looking at the price and then adding them together.

Can I recognise notes?

This week in money, year 1 will be looking at notes, they will be describing what is the same and what id different as well as learning the value of them.

Year 2 children have been solving addition and subtraction problems by buying items from the shop. They started by buying 2 things and giving change from 10p and then 20p and then £1.

Can we get into groups?

To help with their understanding of groups, we went outside and got into different sized groups then described them saying, 'there are 5 equal groups of 4, or there are 5 lots of 4, or there is 4, 5's or there is 5 four times'!

Can I find equal groups?

Year 1 have started their learning of multiplication by investigating what equal and unequal means. 

Can I find equal groups of 2?

Year 1 children have continued their learning of multiplication by finding equal groups of 2. They started by finding 2 equal groups of 2 and worked up to finding 5 equal groups of 2.

Can I find equal groups of 5?

We have been learning about equal groups of 5 in the playground by getting into groups and then drawing it.

Is multiplication commutative?

Year 2 children have been investigating to see if multiplication is commutative. They started by grouping and explaining their groups, they swapped lots of and groups of for the multiplication symbol x then looked at how if there are 3 groups of 4 which is 3 x 4 there is also 4 three times which is the same as 4 x 3. They discovered that multiplication is commutative because you can do the same calculation both ways.

In year 1 children have been making arrays to help them with repeated addition.

In year 2 children have been using arrays to help with repeated addition and multiplication.

Year 1 have been comparing numbers using the mathematical vocabulary, more than, less than, fewer than, greater than.

Year 2 have been solving place value problems.

Year 1 and 2 have started their learning of 2D shapes this week by looking at them, what makes it that shape, the names and some of the properties.

Year 1 have been drawing pictures with 2D shapes to help them learn the properties.

Year 1 and 2 have had fun today making Christmas pictures using 2D shapes.