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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

30 days wild

Day 1 - World Environment day - We lay under the trees and watched the leaves move whilst listening to the sounds of nature. Then we sat and read a chapter of our class story Hodgeheg!

Day 2 - Today we went treasure hunting and created our own nature table. We found lots of treasures and it was very hard to choose just three things to add to our table.

Day 3 - We spent the afternoon out in the wild for Forest school! Day 4 - we were introduced to our caterpillars! Then we explored World Oceans Day and created posters to save the oceans!

Day 5 - We explored and identified a birds egg that Oliver brought to school.

Day 6 - We researched our favourite wild animal, these included snakes, rabbits, robins and otters.

Day 7 - We played under the shade of a tree and felt the breeze on our face.

Day 8 - We learnt about a butterflies lifecycle.

Day 9 - We watched a video on fresh water fish and how they swim upstream.


Day 10 - we measured our caterpillars and looked at how much they have grown!