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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.


Welcome to Reception 2020!

Miss Houldershaw, Mrs Glenn and Mrs Speirs-Davies would like to welcome you all to our year group page, where we will put news and information about our learning this year. 



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Summer 2


Welcome back. We hope you had a good Easter holidays. This term we will be exploring mystical creatures as our starting point. Some very strange beanstalks seem to have appeared in our classrooms over the holidays so we will be exploring where they could have come from and what may be at the top! 


Please remember to use class dojo to message us with any questions and upload photos of any home learning to Tapestry. We are happy to help if you have any difficulty accessing these. 

Spring 2


Welcome back after a whole half term of home learning for many. We are hoping that we can all be together soon. Here is this half term's newsletter which explains our starting points. 



Spring 2



Sways and online learning for Spring Term 2

We believe reading is extremely important. Children need to read all kinds of books.

One of our new Pygmy Goats

Spring 1


We hope you have had a very wonderful Christmas time. 


Please find a couple of activities to get started on tomorrow if you are learning from home. We, as always, look forward to seeing your uploads to Tapestry.


Maths: Recap subitsing:

Can you recognise sets of a number around the house. Can you split them up a different way? for example can you split 5 objects into 3 and 2, 4 and 1. 


Phonics: Have a go at the sounds and tricky words we have learnt so far: Youtube - tricky word song and Youtube - jollyphonics sounds

Explore the phonics section on the school website. Have a go at some of the games via the links provided. 


Starting point: Watch the friendly dinosaur which has visited the classroom over the holidays. We have put it up on Tapestry. Mrs Glenn has added a few questions to get you thinking about what we can do to let people know about our pet dinosaur!

14 Day Home Learning Au2

14 day isolation home learning

Autumn Term 1


Welcome to Coningsby St. Michaels. We are so excited to have you starting with us. This term is all about settling the children in, looking at where they are and getting to know their amazing personalities. We will be doing lots of learning through play alongside some phonics, number and fine motor sessions. Please check the termly newsletter link for key information and an overview. 


Our church school value this term is:




Our bible story of the term is Zacchaeus and Jesus befriending him.


We will be exploring friendship and what it means in our nurture sessions together. If you have any examples of your child showing our Church School Values please add a message or photo to Tapestry. 


Later in the term we will look at how we are all part of Coningsby St. Michaels and new starters will add a named stone to our school Cairn. 



September 2019 to August 2020

 As school is currently closed for most children please see below the home learning guidance provided by the class teachers for the week ahead. We hope your children will enjoy these activities and they will help them continue their learning progress.  

Home Learning EYFS Week Beginning 20.7.20

Home Learning EYFS Week Beginning 13.7.20

Home Learning EYFS Week Beginning 6.7.20

Home Learning EYFS Week Beginning 29.6.20

Home Learning EYFS Week Beginning 22.6.20

Summer Term 2 Week 3 WB: 15th June

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 1


Twinkl 'Tricky words' word searches 

W/b 11/05/20 home learning 


Here is the grid for this week's learning ideas, and some links to resources below. 


W/b 4/5/20 Home Learning.

We hope you are finding the home learning useful. Thank you for the amazing responses on Tapestry. It is so encouraging to see all you are doing at home with your children. If you have still not accessed Tapestry and are not sure how to do it, please email enquiries and we will help!


This week there is a bit more for Phonics but please do this as much as it is helpful. These are ideas and not supposed to be the cause of any stress. 


Can't wait to see your photos of Elmers and eco-warrior-ing.


EYFS team

Some fun links and downloads:


Monkey Puzzle on youtube


Bird fatcakes


Animal home ideas


Live feeds from a zoo to watch different animals.


Use this to find out facts about your favourite animal.


Try some animal shadow art, for ideas:


Here are some super resources from Twinkl, which you may like to use to support learning.