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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Hedgehogs (1PP)

Welcome to Hedgehog class!


We are a Year 1 Class.

Mrs Pobjoy teaches us from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Perry teaches us on Friday.

Miss Marshall supports us with our learning. 

Term 6

This term in English we will be exploring the text The Last Wolf by Mini Grey. We will become authors ourselves and write our own version of the story. We will also do some instruction writing for a recipe on how to feed a wolf. 


Maths this term starts with position and direction. We will then move on to place value from 50 to 100, counting forwards and backwards to 100 and beyond. We will also build numbers to 100 with tens and ones and then we will compare numbers finding which is greater than and which is less than. Our learning will then move on to money, recognising coins and notes. We will finish the term by learning to tell the time exploring o'clock and half past.


In RE we are exploring the religion Christianity and looking at the importance of the Christmas story. We will learn why Jesus is called the king of kings and discuss the Christian traditions related to Christmas.


Our Geography work takes us to the seaside! We will find out about the human and physical features of the seaside, explore the British Isles and compare Skegness with St Ives.  


Our Church School Value this term is...



We will explore some big questions about truthfulness like:


Have you ever stood up for the truth?

Should we take the blame for someone else?

Why shouldn't we spread stories about others?

Why should we tell the truth?

Is truth important within our families?

Our bible story of the term is...


Jacob and Esau Genesis 25: 27-34 and Genesis 27 and 28.

Jacob and Esau l God's Story

Jacob and Esau are twins who didn't get along. Even though they made mistakes, they're both a part of God's Story. You can read about them in Genesis 25 and 27. There's all kinds of cool stuff on the Kids' Club channel for you to explore and we're always updating with brand new content.


This term we are taking part in the Wildlife trusts 30 days wild. We will be completing one task each day out in the wild!

Sometimes in our busy lives it is important to stop and connect with ourselves and nature. At Coningsby St Michael's we want to develop and nurture everyone including our spiritual selves, by completing 30 days wild we hope to help the children develop their spirituality. Please feel free to join in at home on the weekends. We will post our 30 wild activities here!

Today in maths, we have been building and comparing numbers up to one hundred.

Term 5


This term in English we will be basing our work on the text 'The secret of black rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton. 

We will be learning lots of new vocabulary, writing character and setting descriptions We will then write a narrative of the story, changing the characters, the setting and using all our learnt vocabulary to rewrite the story using a beginning, middle and ending to make it our own.


In Maths we will be learning the beginnings of multiplication by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will look at grouping objects and working out whether they are equal groups or unequal groups. We will then move on to multiplication as repeated addition, for example 2 + 2 + 2 +2  = 8. We will learn about division and look at sharing. Then we will move on to fractions of shapes then numbers. 


Science this term is all about animals including humans. 

We will be looking at how we have grown and changed since we were babies. We will be asking if children can bring in photos of themselves as babies so that we can do a baby competition and see how we have changed. We will also be looking at diet and fitness and why it is important to eat the right types of food and take part in sport and exercise. We will carry out an investigation to show what happens to our bodies when we exercise.


In History we are finding out about explorers!

We  will look at significant people from the past, what they did and why they are significant. We will then research who James Cook and Joseph Banks were and how they have helped to shape our lives. We will be writing facts about James Cook and researching the different plants that local botanist Joseph Banks found when he joined James Cook on his exploration of the South Pacific islands.


Our RE work this term is based on Easter and why it is so important to Christians.  We will explore the word Salvation and why Christians believe Jesus is the saviour of the world. We will explore what Jesus teaches Christians about forgiveness and the idea of heaven. 

Our Church school value this term is...





We will explore big questions about Forgiveness like:

Should everyone forgive?

Is it important to forgive?

Does it improve friendships when we forgive?

Is forgiving people always easy?


Our Bible story of the term is...

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

Term 4


In English we are exploring the book Where the wild things are. We will be writing non chronological reports. These will be both fiction and non fiction.


In Maths will be exploring the place value of numbers to 50. We will then move on to measuring. We will be comparing lengths and heights as well as using objects and centimetres to measure with. We will also look at mass and capacity.  


Our science work this term is all about Plants! We will plant seeds and place them in different places to work out what they need to grow. We are also looking forward to completing a STEM task during British Science week. 


In Geography we will be naming the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world. We will explore Africa and will make a fact file on what it is like in Africa. 


RE this term continues our theme of thankfulness. We will explore the religion of Judaism. We will explore stories from the Torah and find out why Passover is important to Jewish people. 

Our Church school value this term is...




We will be exploring this through questions like:

Why should we be thankful?

Who should we say thank you to?

What happens when we forget to say thank you?

How can we show we are grateful?

Do we always say thank you for the little things people do for us?

How do we thank God for our world?

Why are we thankful for water?

Who do we need to be thankful for? Why are they important?

Our Bible story of the term is...

The Thankful Leper (Luke 17: 11-19)

This story is about the 10 men who were healed of leprosy and the one who came back to say thank you.

Term 4 Newsletter and Homework

Term 3


In English we are exploring the book Hermelin: The mouse detective by Mini Grey. We will be using this text to inspire us to write our own story. We will also look at letter writing and write a letter as if we are a character from the story. 


In Maths will be exploring the place value of numbers to 20. This learning will then move on to addition and subtraction within 20.


Our science work this term is all about living things and habitats. We will be identifying that most living things live in a habitat. We will identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats as well as looking at food chains. 


In History we are exploring how different forms of transport have changed over time. We are looking at inventors of transport and thinking about how railways changed the way people lived. 


RE this term is all about thankfulness. We will explore what we are thankful for in our everyday lives. We will then find out how Christians give thanks for a new baby through baptism. 

Our Church School Value this term is





We will be exploring this through questions like...

What does perseverance mean?

How can we show perseverance?

Why should we never give up?

Why is it important to keep working hard?

Is it always easy to keep on going?

Do we need to be confident in ourselves to show perseverance?

Can we show perseverance by doing the right thing?




Our Bible story of the term is...

Noah's Ark

This animated bible story for kids is based on Genesis 6-9:17

Term 2


This term our learning is based around our Geography. We are exploring where is home. We will be looking at the countries in the UK and what the capital cities are. 


Our English work is based on the story of Rapunzel written by Bethan Woollvin. We will explore the characters and the setting. We will be writing our own version of the story. Part of our learning will be all about how to catch a bad guy!


Maths this term is continuing our learning on addition and subtraction. We will also be exploring 2D and 3D shape.


Our Science work this term is all about materials! We will be doing lots of experiments to find out why things are made from a certain material starting with bouncing balls. 


Our church school value in Term 2 is Compassion.




We be exploring this through questions such as:

How do we know when someone needs our compassion?

Why is it important to think of others?

How can we get ourselves ready to show compassion?

How can we show we are compassionate?

How can we show compassion at Christmas?



We will also be focusing on the Bible story Jesus heals a leper. Luke 5

Living Your Best Life (Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy) | Religious Studies | BBC Teach

For teachers' notes, assembly framework and more: The story of 'Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy' is retold - with a twist. Benjamin lives in the Galilean village of Capernaum and has leprosy. He is also appearing on the reality TV make-over show called 'Living Your Best Life'.



Term 1


Our learning in Term 1 is all based around the Great Fire of London.

In History we will be finding out what happened during the Great fire of London. We are going to find out why the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We will also look at what London was like in 1666 and compare it to how it is now. 


In Science we are exploring different materials. We will name the materials and find out about their properties. We will also look at why certain objects are made out of one kind of material and not another. 


Our RE work this term is all about Islam. We are finding out about the five pillars of Islam and exploring why the prophet Muhammed is so important to Muslims. 


English this term is based on the book Major Glad, Major Dizzy by Jan Oke. We will be exploring the story and using our imaginations to write our own stories about losing toys and finding them again. Our English is also linked to our DT and History because we will be making bread and then writing instructions for how to make bread. 


Maths this term is all about numbers to 10. We will be counting forwards and backwards from any number, finding 1 more and 1 less, comparing numbers using the maths vocabulary of greater than, less than and equal to. We will also be sorting objects using our maths vocabulary to describe how and why we have sorted them.

Our church school value in Term 1 is Friendship.



We be exploring this through questions such as:

Why are friends important to you?

What can you do to make a friendship stronger?

Are you a good friend?

Why is trust important in friendship?

What does it mean to belong to a community of friends?

What are the qualities of a good friend?

How can we protect and mend friendships?


We will also be focusing on the story of David and Jonathan 1 Samuel 18 as our Bible story of the term.

Slapstick Theater (Jonathan and David)

This animated Bible story tells the story of Jonathan and David's friendship in 1 Samuel 18: 1-8 and 19-20. We tell the story through Slapstick Theater - a popsicle stick theater.