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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Academic Year 2021-2022 Eco-Warriors 

An Eco-Warrior is an individual who cares about our environment and the diversity of life forms that share it. Being an Eco-Warrior is to simply care for our environment in our daily activities and decision making.


Our team of school Eco-Warriors will be working with Mrs Gates  and Mrs Wasley to develop our Mystical Garden, Forest Schools program, and help our school to look after the environment. We are very excited to be working towards the Woodlands trust green tree award. 

Look for updates on this page!



Meet our Eco-council

Woodland Trust Tree planting 
The Queens Green Canopy for the Plaitum Jubilee.

4th May 2022


Eco council have joined with school council to plant a small jubilee garden within the mystical garden. We used our free trees donated from the woodland trust to create what we think will be a wonderful space. 

Eco council meeting Monday 7th March 

Eco council were keen to introduce more colour and trees into the Mystical Garden. At todays meeting eco council planted some seeds to do exatly this, in the form of bright orange Marigolds. They cant wait to see them bloom. 

Recycling in our school. 

Eco meeting 24th January 

Eco council are excited to be working towards making our school more eco friendly. We have joined the kids against plastic challenge and are hoping to inspire everyone at school to recycle their plastic so we can be a clever plastic school. 
our first challenge is to reduce the amount of milk bottles that we have in school and make sure that they go in recycling bins and not our general watse. In our first week we were able to recycle over half of the schools palstic bottles. We were so proud of our efforts. 

Update 7.03.2022 


Forest school have been inspired to go single use plastic free by our eco council members. We have started to use items that can be washed after use. Thank you to the "Big Red Kitchen" for supplying us some old plates and cups. 

Woodland trust Green Tree awards 

1st-8th December 2021 National Tree Decorating  week. 



We have really enjoyed making decorations and decorating our trees in the Mystical Garden

Upcoming events in Spring Term 1 2022


The RSPB big garden bird watch. 
Woodland trust recycling in schools. 

Woodland trust Reduce Co2 emmissions.





Our school awards

Past events 

Bell's Pumpkin competition - October

We entered our monster pumpkin that we grew in the Mystical Garden into the Bell's competition this October. It did very well against tough competition, and managed to come 2nd and weighed an impressive 40.8kg! 

Woodland Trust tree donation

The Woodland Trust kindly donated us over eight different varieties of trees to plant in our school grounds. Together with our site manager Mrs Beeson, the eco-council we managed to plant them all on the field and in the Mystical Garden, and we look forward to seeing how they grow.