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What will school do to support my child?


Ultimately, you child’s targets will be set and their progress monitored by the class teacher, however they may take part in specific interventions and receive support from Teaching Assistants, other teachers or specialist outside agencies.


The process of providing support is:

Assess, Plan, Do, Review - this is called the 'graduated approach'



This could be through formal data collection from:

  • Guided reading
  • Unaided writing
  • Half termly assessments
  • Outside Agency assessments


This could be informal through:

  • Observations over time
  • Agency observations
  • Parental concerns and observations 
  • Discussions with the child



Through discussions with the child and their Parents/Carers,  SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic Targets) targets are created using information collected in the ASSESS part and a learning plan will be written.



Using a range of different strategies to help your child to achieve their targets.

This intervention could include:

  • In class support - additional adults to support with following instructions, completing tasks.
  • Small group - may be inside or outside of the class, working on specific targets
  • 1:1 support - may be in class or outside, may be used for more individualised targets, reading, spelling, etc.
  • Outside Agency support - usually done on 1:1 basis with a specialist in the field 
  • Home support



Targets will be usually be reviewed at least 3 times a year. The views of the child and their Parents/Carers are taken into account.  The reviews will evaluate:

  • Progress against the targets
  • Decide which strategies were successful and not successful
  • Next steps - ie: Is further support still required?  If so do we need to increase intervention? Do we need to involve outside agency support? What are our next targets?


Most interventions for children identified as having SEND will be managed and monitored by the SENDCo. These may include:

* Specific intervention groups for learning,  personal, social and emotional development and physical development (including fine motor skills) for each year (which will vary dependent on the needs of the children).

* Small group / individual support on individual targets, e.g. reading and spelling keywords, number recognition, basic number facts, sentence punctuation, we can offer a range of commercial interventions that include:


Cognition and Learning - Nessy Learning programme (and Nessy Fingers touch typing program); Toe by Toe (reading); Number Shark, Wordshark


Language and communication - Time to talk (encouraging the use of vocabulary); Socially Speaking; 1st Call


Personal, social and mental health - Opportunity to visit The Nest and have access to Healthy Minds and Casy Counselling


Physical needs - Motor skills (scissor skills, strengthening exercises, handwriting);1st Move




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