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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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What will school do to support my child?


All children are supported within the classroom through a graduated approach ( Assess, Plan, Do and Review cycle) and this will continue for children identified with SEND, SMART targets will be set and the child’s progress closely monitored by the class teacher, however the child may take part in specific interventions and receive support from Teaching Assistants, other teachers or specialist outside agencies.



Interventions for Children identified as having SEND may include:


Specific Intervention groups for learning, personal, social and emotional development and physical development (including fine motor skills).


Small group/individual support on individual targets, e.g. reading and spelling keywords, number recognition, basic number facts, sentence punctuation.


Examples of some of the interventions we have in school include:-

Cognition and Learning

Language and Communication

Personal, social and mental health

Physical needs

Fingers touch typing program)

Toe by Toe (reading)

Number Shark




Time to talk (encouraging the use of vocabulary)

Socially Speaking


1st Call activities

Programmes as advised by the speech and language team.

Opportunity to visit The Den and have access to support from ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant)

Casy Counselling

Motor skills (scissor skills, strengthening exercises, handwriting)

Write from the start

1st Move activities