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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Academy Committee

Local Council


The Councillors of Coningsby St Michael's Primary School are dedicated to ensuring a safe, happy and effective learning experience for all our pupils.

We were formerly called 'Governors of the School', but are now known as the  Local Council. Our Local Council is federated with the Council at Holy Trinity Primary School Tattershall.
We  take an active interest in the general development and well being of our pupils and our staff, and take the lead in the ethos and vision of the school.
We meet four times a year as a full local council board and also as members of working portfolios.



It is made up of parent councillors, staff councillors, LAAT appointed councillors, and foundation councillors (appointed by the church) and each councillor serves a 4 year term. All types of people can become councillors; no special qualifications are needed, although you need to be over 18 years of age when appointed. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities you need.




Local Council Members

Chairman: Steven Brown (contactable by using the school address)

Lead Councillor for Safeguarding: Anne Simons


The current structure of our Local Council


NameGovernor TypeElectedUntil

Rev’d Susan Allison

(Chair of Local Board)


LAAT Foundation


Miss Amy AshLAAT Appointed27/01/2026/01/24

Mrs Stephanie Liley


Executive Head Teacher

02/09/19n/a ex-officio

Mrs Sandy Khanna


Head of School

04/01/20n/a ex-officio
Mrs Sandra HulmeLAAT Foundation Appointed16/04/2116/04/24
Mrs Donna KaynesLAAT Appointed21/09/2121/09/25

Sarah Leith





Mr Michael Ridge (Chair) LAAT Appointed parent (01/03/18) stepped down July 2021

Mrs Faye Hutton LAAT Appointed parent (01/03/18) stepped down July 2021

Mr Michael Mills  LAAT Appointed Parent ( 01 03 18)  stepped down July 2020

Mrs Hutchinson Head of School stepped down December 2020


Register of Business Interests


Name of GovernorRelationship to staff or governorDeclared business interest
Reverend Sue AllisonNoneNone
Mrs Stephanie LileyNoneNone
Mrs Sandy KhannaNoneNone
Miss Amy AshNoneNone
Mrs Sandra HulmeNoneNone
Mrs Donna KaynesNoneNone


Attendance at Meetings.


NameSept 2021  

Rev’d Susan Allison

(Chair of Local Board)


Miss Amy AshY  

Mrs Stephanie Liley



Mrs Sandy Khanna


Mrs Sandra HulmeY  
Mrs Donna KaynesY  

Sarah Leith (Clerk)