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Coningsby St Michael's

Church of England

Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

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How does the school know how well my child is doing?


We carefully track all of our children’s progress every 6 weeks through the use of data  observations and discussions with the child. If your child is not meeting their age-related expectations, we may use a range of assessment tools to help us pinpoint how best to support them, including:


* Age related expectations

P Scales (PIVATS) - small steps progress for children in Year 1 and above

* Early Years Foundation stage curriculum - for children working within the Foundation Stage

* Standardised assessments

* Assessment for learning - within the classroom, for example, using self-assessment against targets

* Individual targets - through a personalised plan

* pre and post intervention assessments.


These help us to identify the areas to target  to move your child forward in their learning.

Scrolling Values

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