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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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British Science Week


The children in EYFS have had an amazing week of science activities to do both inside and outside in the garden.  We have been watching the caterpillars moving around and eating.  We have looked at them through the magnifying glasses and looked at their stripes and hairs on their back.  

We have been looking at plants and their lifecycles and planting our own seeds.  We have made our own awesome greenhouses from plastic gloves and the children have chosen which seeds they wanted to plant.  They are now in our classroom and we are going to be watching carefully to see what happens to them.  

We have been searching the outdoor area for Spring flowers and the children have been using a spotters guide to tick off the flowers they have seen. 

We have been reading lots of books related to plants, vegetables and fruit.  We loved the story of Supertato and we very worried when one day this week lots of Evil Peas escaped from The Big Red Kitchen's freezers and we discovered in our classroom!! We watched what happened to the frozen Evil Peas as they defrosted!