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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Examples of our fantastic writing

Year 2 Term 6 - The Little Mermaid setting descriptions

Reception- Proudest Blue and lots more writing!

Reception Talk for Writing story Map- The Enormous Turnip

Year 1 Writing- Term 4

Year 2 - Term 3 - What would it be like to live in Africa?

In year 2 this term, children have been reading about Lila and the secret of Rain, so they climbed the hill in the Mystical Garden and told the sky their saddest stories. They then wrote amazing recounts. They have also been researching facts about Kenya to make information booklets.

Year 2 - Term 1 - Who set fire to London

Year 2,Term 4 planning and writing of characters in Traditional stories

In English this term children have been writing a recount about the Great fire of London, making a information booklet an=bout the Great Fire of London and writing instructions on how to make bread and then they made the bread.

Year 6- Term 4 Wolves

Year 6 - Shackleton's Journey