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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Term 5

Week 6

In Year 1 Maths this week we have been finding a quarter of a shape or object. We then moved on to finding quarter of a quantity. We split our whiteboards into four boxes and then counted out the counters to see if we could quarter all of the numbers. We worked with a partner to investigate the numbers.

Week 5

In year 1 Maths we were finding half of a quantity. We pulled out a number, counted out that many counters and then halved them between numbers. We found that some numbers could be halved equally and some numbers couldn't.

Week 4

In Maths we shared object equally into either 2, 5 or 10 groups. We worked with a partner to see how many would be in each group.

In year 1 Maths we were putting objects into equal groups. For example there are 20 counters. How many equal groups of 5 can you make?

Week 3

We love Pe with Mr Appleyard, we practised our throwing skills. We threw the javelins making sure we had the correct throwing pose. We practised underarm throws and aimed at hoops and cones. We also practised our shot put throws pushing from our shoulders.

In Maths we looked again at arrays. This time we found out how many rows? How many in each row? How many columns? How many in each column? We had to look at it, build it say it!

In year 1 Maths we have been making arrays. We had to tell our partner how many in a row, how many rows, the repeated addition and how many altogether.

Week 2

In Year 1 maths, we have been writing number sentences to show examples of repeated addition.

In Year 1 maths, we looked at creating equal and non- equal groups.

In Year 1 Maths we are starting multiplication by counting in 10s. We worked with a partner to work out how many tens were in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. We built it first and then wrote down what we found out.

Week 1

In year 2 maths we proved that two quarters and half are equivalent fractions.

In Year 1 Maths we have been exploring measuring capacity. We had to fill containers using a cup. We had to count how many cups it took to fill the container finding the volume.