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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Badgers (5C)

Welcome to Badger class page. Our teacher is Mrs Case and we will also have Mrs Gates and Mrs Ward working with us. Please check back as this page will be regularly updated.

Term 6

Our church school value is truthfulness.

We will explore truthfulness through asking questions such as:

Have you ever stood up for the truth?

Should we take the blame for someone else?

Why shouldn't we spread stories about others?

Why should we tell the truth?

Is truth important within our families?


We also be focussing on the Bible story Jacob and Esau Genesis 25: 27-34 and Genesis 27 and 28.

Jacob and Esau l God's Story

We have been finding out about negative numbers in maths. Today, we played a game to explore counting through zero.

We found out about coastal erosion and made our own model to show a cave, arch, stack and stump.

We explored what air resistance is and the effect that it has in Science.

Term 5

Our church school value this term is forgiveness.

We will explore the value of forgiveness through questions such as:

Should everyone forgive?

Is it important to forgive?

Does it improve friendships when we forgive?

Is forgiving people always easy?


Our bible story of the term is The parable of the unforgiving servant: Matthew 18 v23-25.

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

This animated Bible story for kids is based on Matthew 18:21-35.

It was great to be able to play maths games with our parents.

We enjoyed our walk along the River Bain. When we got back to school we ate biscuits and sketched the river from pictures that we took.

Looking amazing for our coronation celebrations.

In maths we took pictures of a 3d shape from top, side or front view then our group had to decide which 3d shape it was.

Asking questions to workout which 3d shape our partner has chosen.

Making regular and irregular polygons using 12 straws.

In maths we used our knowledge of rectangles and angles to help us to find the interior angles in triangles we had made from a square. We used the triangles to make other polygons and calculated the angles.

In computing we used the shape tools on word to create pictures. We used copy and past to duplicate shapes, we changed the size and colour of the shapes and rotated them.

In RE we thought about how humans communicate and explored different ways of communicating without using words.

Using beebots to investigate turns and angles in maths.

Term 4

This term our church school value is thankfulness

We will explore this through asking questions such as:

Why should we be thankful?

Who should we say thank you to?

What happens when we forget to say thank you?

How can we show we are grateful?

Do we always say thank you for the little things people do for us?

How do we thank God for his creations?


Our bible story of the term is Luke 17 v11-19 Jesus cleanses ten lepers

43 Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

The children enjoyed music with Mrs Phillips.

In Science we took apart tulips to find out about the parts of a flower.

Some of the amazing home learning that the children have done about World War II.

As part of British Science week the children in groups were set a task by the RAF STEM ambassadors to design and present a village for the future thinking about making it carbon neutral.

Badger class did a great job of dressing as there favourite book character or wearing their pyjamas and bringing a bedtime story for World book day.

In English we used a conscience corridor to help solve the dilemma of should Kong be captured or left on Skull Island. We looked at the same dilemma from the point of view of Denham and Driscoll and discussed the difference.

Term 3

Our church school value this term is perseverance.

We will be exploring this through questions such as:

How does God show his persevering love?

What does perseverance mean?

How can we show perseverance?

Why should we never give up?

Why is it important to keep working hard?

Is it always easy to keep going?

Do we need to be confident in ourselves to show perseverance?

Can we show perseverance by doing the right thing?


Our bible story of the term is: Noah's Ark Genesis 6-8


Noah's Ark

In DT we designed and made a new chocolate bar including it's wrapper.

Dave from Lincolnshire Music service came to teach us how to play the Samba today and we had a great time!

We enjoyed lots of fun maths activities for NSPCC Number Day.

We started to explore finding fractions of quantities using counters and bar models.

In Science we investigated the properties of materials. We looked at conductivity, flexibility and magnetism.

In science, we looked at irreversible changes such as mixing water and bicarbonate of soda.

In Science we made mixtures and then explored which filter would work to separate the mixtures.

We have been learning and practising the 9 times table.

We predicted and then explored which substances would dissolve in water. We used salt, sugar, soil, coffee, sand, soil, baking powder.

Using the area model to multiply 2 2 digit numbers.

Term 2

This term our church school value is compassion.

We will be exploring this through questions such as:

How do we know when someone needs our compassion?

Why is it important to think of others?

How can we get ourselves ready to show compassion?

How can we show we are compassionate?

How can we show compassion at Christmas?


We will also be supporting our understanding through looking at the bible story Jesus heals a leper: Luke 5

Adding baubles to the Christmas tree ready for the Christmas fair.

In Science we have been exploring why we have day and night. We used different sized balls to explore the movement of Earth around the Sun.

In computing the children explored different filming techniques.

We went to the peace garden to lay our wreath, say a prayer and have a minutes silence.

In English we used this poem to inspire us to write a poem about the moon.

Northern Lights

Twirling, dancing, jumping, shining,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

Purple, pink, green and blue,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.

Like a giant sparler,

Norther Lights, Northern Lights,

Look around you. They're amazing!

Norther Lights, Norther Lights.

Have a look at some of the poems we wrote.

In maths we built and found out about cube numbers.

In maths this week we have been exploring the 6 times table.

Term 1

Our church school value in term 1 is friendship.


We be exploring this through questions such as:

Why are friends important to you?

What can you do to make a friendship stronger?

Are you a good friend?

Why is trust important in friendship?

What does it mean to belong to a community of friends?

What are the qualities of a good friend?

How can we protect and mend friendships?


We will also be focusing on the story of David and Jonathan 1 Samuel 18 as our Bible story of the term.


Animated Bible Stories: David & Jonathan's Friendship - 1 Samuel 18 | Online Sunday School

Look at these amazing Saxon houses that the children have made at home as part of their home learning.

In English we created freeze-frame drama to show the main events in our text FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith

In RE today we explored the idea of Moksha in Hinduism. We looked at yoga and meditation that Hindus use as part of their daily worship.

In maths today we looked at adding 9, 99 and 999. We built it, drew it and wrote it.

We are enjoying learning our poem for our poetry recital.

We have been using arrays to explore and learn the 4 times table.

We explored multiples to find patterns.

In PSHE we thought about working as a group and tried different ways. We found it easier when members of the group were given specific roles.

We thought about some rules for working as a group:

1, Allow everyone to share ideas.

2, Help each other.

3. Listen to each other.

4, Follow instructions given.

5, Discuss ideas together.

6, Pay attention to each other.

7, Include everyone.