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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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This week the children are learning about volume and capacity. They started by filling different sized containers with different amounts of volume and using the vocabulary, full, empty, half full, nearly full and slightly full.

Can I measure in meters?

Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about measurement. We have started by measuring items from around the classroom in centimeters (cm) and continued outside by measuring objects in meters (m). 

Is Division Commutative?

Children continued to investigate whether division is commutative by using sharing and grouping calculations to work out the answers and the swapping the calculation around to see if it could still be solved. They have discovered that multiplication is commutative but division isn't!

Is Multiplication commutative?

This week we have completed our learning of multiplication and division by looking at commutativity. Children worked in pairs to investigate whether multiplication is commutative or not. They had to pick calculations and see if they got the same answer if the calculation was switched around.