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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Autumn 2 Week 1

This Week...

Week 1

This week we start an exciting new book in EYFS, the book is all about a boy who finds a very special star.  He takes the star everywhere with him but when the star becomes sad and starts to miss his home the boy has to work out how to help him get home. 

This week we have been on our own special treasure hunt around EYFS, we found our own special treasure and then had to talk about why it was so special



In maths this week we have started looking at numbers to 3.  We have been making our own collections of objects and finding the corresponding numbers to go with them.  We have been playing lots of different matching games, matching groups of objects to numerals. 

We have been revisiting topics from last term and the children have enjoyed exploring weighing lots of different Autumn objects and using language such as heavier, lighter and the same as when comparing objects.



We have had an exciting start to the term by transforming a classroom into a space themed sensory experience!  The children loved exploring the room using their senses.  We had star lights, alien slime, moon rocks, spaceship role play and small world moon landing imaginative play.