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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

BSW 2024

Stags had good fun working on their 'Bridge Blunder' Challenge for British Science Week. They had to design and make a bridge to span a 20cm gap using only five sheets of paper and sellotape. Most of the bridges were able to support quite a few 10g weights.

EYFS  Growing and Changing

This week EYFS have been looking at seasonal changes outside and the changes happening to the plants and trees in our school grounds.  We were originally planning to sketch and paint flowers and plants outside but due to the weather brought the activities inside.  

Owls - Help Rapunzel escape from her tower!

For British Science Week this year, parents were invited in for an afternoon of fairy tale engineering! They had to build a contraption to help Rapunzel escape from her tower. There were some amazing ideas, lifts, pulley systems, zip wires, rope ladders, shutes, slides! Well done everyone!

Squirrels - Can you help Rapunzel escape from her tower?

Kestrels - Bridge Blunder

Kestrels had the challenge of using just 5 pieces of paper and sellotape to build a bridge to span a 20cm gap.

Foxes Class - STATIC MAGIC! - Exploring the magical world of static electricity by making charged objects move without touching them.

Static electricity! Moles used balloons to test the static electricity created by rubbing balloons on different objects around the classroom. The results, despite not being as we expected, left our hair stood on ends.