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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

We are scientists because we know what animals need to survive!

Children caring for their own 'baby'

Children in 4Y were given a jelly baby first thing straight after assembly on the 17.3.22. 


They were given the task to care for a living thing for at least one day. The children had to create a name and make a bed/home for their new child. 


During break and lunch many children would come up to myself (Miss Y) and ask if they could take their baby outside. AA said "Miss Yarsley we've got a mummies and daddies group. Come and look".

I have given the class a challenge to see who will have the last baby standing. 


The children loved exploring the circuits, they were extended to see if they could work out how to power one bulb, two bulbs and then three bulbs. As well as experimenting using buzzers and an extra battery. Lots of scientific discovery!

We also made SLIME!!!

We enjoyed making slime, they were fasinated when they found it was solid to touch but liquid as it was picked up in their hands, very very 'gooey' and fun! 

Invisible ink writing (18.3.22)

As Miss Yarsley was Mrs Incredible for the day, it was only right she taught the class how to write using invisible ink!