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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.


Number day - We started the day looking at Chinese numbers

w.c. 31st Jan - This week we have been exploring converting top heavy fractions into improper fractions.

24.1.22 - Today we learnt about Unit and Non-unit fractions.

Can you write down find three non-unit fractions and three unit fractions?



Today the children created their own shapes using a ruler and a pencil. Drawing shapes i.e. 3 squares across and 4 squares down. Some created a L shape and others a rectangular shape. The children found out that one square was the same as 1cm in their book. So was able to write how many cm it was looking at the width and length.


Exploring area


Using post it notes the children explored area. They practically looked at 2D shapes and created shapes in a group using 5 post its and then extending to larger numbers.


The children used the term 'estimation', they explored estimating how many post its would fit one table, the door, their own book. They would then check their answer to see how accurate they was and who was the closest.