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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to our Forest School page. 

Our past Forest School sessions. 

9th June 2023

Mice class had their first forest school session where they learnt all about the different areas we have in the mystical garden and the different activities they can do during forest school. They learnt our forest school rules as well as meeting our goats and chickens. Mice enjoyed a nature hunt, looking for insects and making mini birds nests.

16th June 2023

Today Mice class had a very special visit from the Mystical Garden woodland creatures, they had lost their home and needed Mice to help them build somewhere new to live. Each child had their own woodland creature to create a new home for, we had lots of amazing creations from brick houses, to stick dens to huge mansions with lots of different rooms and gardens! Mice class also made beautiful nature faces with flowers and leaves they had collected from the mystical garden and enjoyed looking for insects and birds.

Today Mice class enjoyed playing some team games before creating their very own log dogs. They had lots of fun having log dog races, creating log dog homes and even a log dog puppy training school! Mice class also made some beautiful smelling perfumes and delicious soups and teas with water and slices of oranges and lemons. 

Today Mice class enjoyed exploring clay to make their owns snails, they worked hard to soften the clay and create the shapes they needed. They also learnt how to play a new game of sleeping mice which was enjoyed by everyone, this is a fantastic game for encouraging listening and awareness skills as they have to guess who the little hidden mouse is. Mice class created potions and perfumes with flowers and leaves and explored the different habitats insects live in. They also invented their own game of butterfly tig which was a wonderful way to finish the session.

Mice class had a lovely sunny morning of forest school where they played team games and searched for the hidden Superworms. They were set some challenges to try and create a home for the mystical garden dinosaurs and to see if they could change the colour of the water in the potion area using anything they could find in the garden. Mice also created their own jingle sticks and fishing rods and had lots of fun fishing for sharks and giant fish! 

This week Mice class had a very wet and rainy forest school session, but we didn't let the wet weather dampen our spirits! They had lots of fun discovering how to make mud paint and used different tools and their hands to paint with. They made clay animals as well as a dinosaur land and played team games together.