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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Lego Therapy

What is Lego Therapy and how can this help and benefit my child?



Lego therapy gives children and young people the opportunity to work within a group of 2-3 children to complete a planned task of Lego building.  This is then divided into different roles such that social intervention is necessary to participate.  By doing this, children practice key skills of collaboration, joint attention, fair division of labour, sharing, turn -taking, eye-contact, listening, conversation skills, shared attention, problem-solving, team work and confidence building


The Lego Therapy intervention is for children who can become easily frustrated or who want to give up on a task, children who may have difficulties in creating or sustaining friendships with their peers, for children who can at times find communication a little challenging. It can also be effective for children with anxiety or those who may be nervous or worried in social situations.


A trained adult will work with your child for one 30-minute session a week for approximately 12 weeks. This may vary depending on progress and participation.