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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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We started our science this term by looking at different materials. We learnt that the same object can be made from different materials and discussed why this was.

We then moved on to grouping and classifying materials, first the children grouped the materials how they wanted so they grouped by colour, size and shape, then they went onto group by materials.

This week we were given the equipment and we had to ask our own questions to see if they were scientific questions. We put our questions through the question machine to see if we could investigate it.

We had a bowl, water, playdoh, marble, lollipop stick, plate, fork. First we had to say what the object was and what material it was made of then we predicted whether it would float or sink before we carried out the investigation.

This week in science we went to the Mystical Garden to look at different objects and the materials they are made from. We picked items such as the fire pit, described it, said what material it was made from and then described why it was made from this material and not a different one.

Each term we will spend a lesson on science looking at the seasons, today we looked at the different signs that tell us it is Autumn. There were lots of leaves on the ground, we could tell that some had fallen earlier than others because of their colours, we then went inside and drew a few of our leaves, we also looked at what trees they were from using a leaf identifier. We will be learning each day how the days are getting shorter and looking for signs that winter is coming.