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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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How have we changed since we were babies?

As part of our science learning this term, we have been looking at how we have changed since we were babies. We had a guess the baby competition to see if we could recognise each other!

How have we grown and changed?

This term in science we will be looking at how we grow and change throughout our lives. We have been looking at what babies and toddlers are like, how we change as children, what it is like to be a teenager and adult and what happens to people as they get older.

Why is it important to be hygienic?

To finish our science learning for this term we looked at why it is important to stay clean and hygienic. We did an investigation to see how germs stick to your hands by using water and pepper. The pepper signified the germs, when we put our fingers in the water, the pepper stuck to them, then we were s[reading germs around the class on everything we touched. Then we added in hand sanitiser, as well as putting some on our hands and it repelled the pepper showing how important it is to wash our hands!