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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Week 1

Week 1


As we start the second half of the Spring Term we begin with the traditional tale The Enormous Turnip. The children have been having great fun acting out the story. We videoed the children and then they had great fun watching their performance back on the whiteboard in class!


In maths this week we have been comparing length, the children have been using pieces of string and using the language long, longer, longest when comparing them. We have also been investigating weight and comparing objects using the mathematical language heavy, light, heavier, lighter to talk about the objects.


We have been exploring the school outdoor environment this week and searching for plants around school. We have been taking photographs and drawing pictures of plants that we have found and then used books and plant identification sheets to help us name the plants.

Expressive Art and Design

This week we have started our terms work on collage by looking at Eric Carle’s use of collage in the illustration of his books. We watched a clip of Eric talking about how he creates his art work which was fascinating. Here is the clip if you would like to watch it at home: Eric Carle, author and illustrator (1998) - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood