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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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How will I be involved in supporting my child?


In supporting your child we aim to work in partnership with Parents and Carers. Your view will regularly be sought and you will be given suggestions as to how you can help your child at home to support then with their work in school.



We often give parents:

  1. Games for developing memory, spellings and maths
  2. Useful websites and apps
  3. Strategies for reading, e.g. reading to your child, with your child, before they read to you
  4. Specific agency advice – could be games, organisational strategies (e.g. visual timetables), behaviour management strategies
  5. Letters to support referrals to Paediatricians


Also Parents are always encouraged to support within school through:


  1. Donating spare time, e.g. to listen to readers
  2. Sharing your own talents, e.g. art, sports, career advice
  3. Sharing your knowledge of your child, e.g. through review meetings, parent consultations
  4. Joining us to celebrate success, e.g. Celebration Assemblies