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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Foxes (4P)

Welcome to Fox Class!


In Fox class, Mrs Parker will your teacher on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Mrs Chiumento will be your teacher on Thursday. 

Helping with our learning is Mrs Sneddon.


In term 6, Foxes will have two PE sessions per week, on a Monday afternoon Wednesday morning. Please make sure you bring appropriate kit for being outside.

Please bring reading books and reading records to school every day!


Summer term 2

Our church school value for this term is truthfulness.


We will explore truthfulness through asking questions such as:


Have you ever stood up for the truth?

Should we take the blame for someone else?

Why shouldn't we spread stories about others?

Why should we tell the truth?

Is truth important within our families?


We also be focussing on the Bible story Jacob and Esau Genesis 25: 27-34 and Genesis 27 and 28.

Jacob and Esau l God's Story

Summer term 1

Our church school value this term is forgiveness.

Matthew 18 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

Spring 2

Our church school value for this term is thankfulness.

The Thankful Leper (Luke 17: 11-19)

Our church story for this term is the thankful leper.

Spring 1


In our first spring term, our focus text in English is Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton and we will be writing our very own mythical legend stories based on this book. In maths, we are starting off by looking at factor pairs before moving on the multiplying and dividing by two and three-digit numbers. As Historians, we will be learning about the Egyptians and making some great pieces related to this topic in Art. In RE, we are learning about the importance of how other religions worship and this term we will focus on Islam. Our Jigsaw PSHE piece this term is all about 'Dreams and Goals', which ties in nicely with our church school value of perseverance. Foxes will have Forest School on a Wednesday and we are very lucky to have JB Sports coming to teach them basketball on a Thursday! 

Our Church school value for this term is Perseverance.

Autumn 2

This term in Fox Class, we will be focussing on our Geography and focussing on more extreme parts of the world such as the Equator and the Polar regions. 

In English, we are focussing on the beautiful book Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann. We will be writing a narrative and an information text about Polar bears. 

In maths, we are looking at area and then moving on to times tables and multiplication. 

In science, we are continuing with states of matter. 

Please bring in warm PE kits on a Monday for tennis outside!


Our church school value this term is Compassion.


We be exploring this through questions such as:

How do we know when someone needs our compassion?

Why is it important to think of others?

How can we get ourselves ready to show compassion?

How can we show we are compassionate?

How can we show compassion at Christmas?


Autumn Term 1 Newsletter

Autumn Term 1 Homework

Our Church School Value this term is Friendship

In history this term we are learning about the Victorians. Today (Thursday 15th September) we held a debate to decide which victorian children had the worst job. We researched both coal miners and factory workers and then held our debate. We did a great job of using examples and evidence from sources to support our arguments.