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Coningsby St Michael's

Church of England

Primary School

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What support will there be for my child's emotional and social well-being?


Pastoral and Social Support:

* Our School is an Anti Bullying Alliance Champion. (See Anti Bullying Policy)

* We aim to create a ‘Listening Ear’ ethos to ensure that the child’s voice is heard.

* Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors build up strong relationships with children to support their emotional needs.

* The Learning Mentor can provide guided support for those children whose emotional needs may create a barrier to their learning.

* All child protection concerns will be recorded and reported to the designated safeguarding officer.


Medical Needs:

If your child has specific medical needs then please contact either your child’s class teacher or the SENDCo so appropriate plans can be put into action

* If needed, a ‘care plan’ can be written to inform all staff of the specifics of the condition and what should be done to support the needs of the child

* If your child requires ongoing medication, within school, please contact Mrs A Jones (SENDCo) to complete a medicine administration form



Support for behaviour (including attendance and exclusion):


  1. We have a clear behaviour policy, which is adhered to by all staff and also follow the guidelines in the Lincolnshire Ladder of Support.(please visit the appropriate section on our school website for a copy of our policy)

  2. School staff will keep a behaviour log to monitor the behaviour and try to identify triggers.

  3. Should concerns arise, discussions with the Child, their Parents/Carers, Class Teacher and Learning Mentor will determine the type of support that may be offered.

  4. Your Child may be referred to our Learning Mentor, who can then offer support either within the classroom or The Nest.

  5. If specific or repeated behavioural difficulties continue a behaviour plan may be written, or a PSP (Pastoral Support Programme) may be initiated.

  6. If behaviour issues continue, despite focused intervention, advice may be sought from outside agencies and a multi agency PSP review held.

  7. If concerns arise regarding your child’s attendance at school, a school attendance panel may be held.

Scrolling Values

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