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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Week 4

In Maths the Year 2 children were exploring place value grids and how to use them, they identified the ones in a number and the the tens. They then built the number.

Maths today was practical for our Year 1 children and our Year 2 children. Year 1 children were counting backwards ready for finding 1 less and our Year 2 children were showing how to partition numbers in different ways. They used part whole models, place value grids and they drew numbers too.

Our RE this work was all about the Parable of The Prodigal Son. We talked about what we would ask each person in the story and brainstormed our ideas. Then we hot seated each character asking them our questions.

In Maths we were all comparing numbers using mathematical language like more, fewer, the same, equal, unequal, greater than, less than etc. The Year 2 children built 2 digit numbers with a partner and then verbally compared them. Our Year 1 children rolled the dice, found a domino that was more than that number, a domino that was less than that number and a domino that was the same as that number.