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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Week 2


We have continued the story of The Enormous Turnip this week and have made our own story by changing one element of the story such as the vegetable that was growing and would not budge. The children have been writing about their new story.

We wrote a new story as a class with David Attenborough (who we are learning about in history)  now our farmer, growing a pumpkin with a unicorn coming to pull it up! 


We have continued our work on measurement this week, we have been comparing volume and capacity and using mathematical language to describe what we can see. The children have enjoyed filling different containers with different things like water, rice and beans.




This week we were given a pack of sunflower seeds and have been thinking about what a sunflower needs to grow. We made notes on our thoughts and ideas for our learning journey and then used the seed packet to help us decide what we will need if we want to grow the sunflowers in our garden. The children made their own zig zag books sequencing the pictures to show how to grow the plants.


Expressive Art and Design

This week we have been started making a collage caterpillar using the techniques we learnt last week. The children had fun and have created some wonderful artwork which is brightening up the classroom.

Religious Education

In RE this week we have been finding out about Good Friday and the significance of hot cross buns at Easter.  The children liked trying the hot cross buns as part of the lesson!