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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Week 2 - Can I group materials?

We started our science this term by looking at different materials. We learnt that the same object can be made from different materials and discussed why this was.

We then moved on to grouping and classifying materials, first the children grouped the materials how they wanted so they grouped by colour, size and shape, then they went onto group by materials.

Can I think of my own investigation?

Children were given a selection of resources and asked to use them to think of an investigation they could carry out. They has some cotton wool, newspaper, fabric, sponge a syringe and some water. After a lot of thinking and discussion the children came up with, Which materials are the most absorbent? Children then carried out a fair test and discovered that the cotton wool was the most absorbent, they then tested various materials from around the classroom such as tinfoil, wood and plastic.