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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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STEM after school club Term 1

The children have had a fantastic time in STEM club this term, they started off by making a thaumatrope, were you can learn about 'persistence of vision', as two images pass by your eyes so quickly that you are still processing one when you see the next, so your brain merges the two together to see a complete image. We also tried to make explosive rockets fly by putting steradent tablets into a bottle with a sports cap. What's supposed to happen as gas builds up inside the bottle the pressure increases until the lid pops. When this happens, the lid pushes against the ground, pushing the bottle upwards. The liquid firing out of the bottle pushes it further, just like the gases coming out of a real rocket. We still have figured out why ours didn't work despite trying it a few times! If you manage to do it at home, please send in some pictures! We also made parachutes out of plastic bags, newspaper and tissue paper to see which would be the best material.

STEM club have had a great time this term. They have designed, tested and adjusted paper planes, made flowers out of paper and placed them folded up in water to watch them open back up, carried out an investigation with eggs to see what happens when they are left in different liquids and made hollow masks out of papier mache! We were hoping the egg left in vinegar would bounce, it did feel like rubber and was very soft but it may have been dropped from too great a height to bounce! Here is a link to some amazing science experiments that you could get involved with at home during the holidays. They all come with a video to explain how to do the investigation and the science behind what happens.