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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.


Welcome to Year 1!


Welcome to 1CP's class page. Mrs Pobjoy is our class teacher from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Chiumento teaches our class on a Friday. We also have Mrs Walker to help us with our learning. Please check back to this page as it will be regularly updated.

Term 6


Where can dragons live?


This term we are learning all about castles and dragons. 


In English we will be exploring the texts Tell me a Dragon and Dragon Stew, we will also be finding out the best way to catch a dragon! We will become authors and write our very own dragon adventure story. 


In Maths we have started our learning by looking at position and direction, making full, quarter and half turns, left, right, forward, backwards, up and down. We will be exploring numbers to 100 using tens and ones. We will also explore money and time.


In History we are learning about castles and how they have changed over time. We are also finding out about different jobs within a castle and finding out all about the castle in Tattershall, hopefully we will be able to have a class trip there too!


In Science we will be recapping our knowledge of materials and discussing the best materials for armour and shields.


Our RE this term is all about different places of worship, we will find out about mosques, synagogues and hindu temples, discovering what happens in each place of worship and why. 


Our church school value this term is




Our worship times will make us think about the following:


  • What does it mean to be truthful?
  • Why does Zacchaeus tell the truth?
  • Are you always truthful?
  • What happens when you don't tell the truth?
  • How do you know who to trust?

Our Bible story of the term is:


Luke 19 V1-10 The story of Zacchaeus the tax collector.


Animated Bible story for kids based on Luke 19:1-10.

Term 5


Will it snow this Summer?


This is the question we will be exploring in English, Science and Geography! We are going to use non fiction books in English to explore facts about weather, we are going to become weather forecasters in Geography and explore how the weather affects what we can and can't do. In Science we are going to explore the seasons and find out what weather we can usually expect in each season. Our English this term, will also include some Poetry linked to the Seasons. We will be exploring the book Out and About by Shirley Hughes. 


In RE we are looking at Christian places of worship, we will explore altars, fonts and candles and their significance and importance to Christians. We will explore the celebrations that happen in a Church. 


Our computing this term will be all about data handling. We will be grouping and sorting. 

Our Church School Value this term is...





We will explore the following questions:


1. What does the bible teach us about forgiveness?

2. Have you ever made a mistake?

3. Do we have to forgive and forget?

4. Why does God forgive us?

5. Who do you need to forgive?


Our Bible Story of the term is..


The Lords Prayer - Matthew 6: 9-13

"The Lord's Prayer" Song - Our Father in Heaven - Brother Francis

"Our Father, Who Art In Heaven". Song from Brother Francis episode 1, "Let's Pray".This episode contains:➤ "The Sign of the Cross": a catchy tune about an i...

Term 5 Newsletter and Homework

Term 4


This term we are using the text Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers to inspire our learning. 


In Geography we will be finding out all about where we live, learning our address, naming the four countries of the UK and exploring compass points.


In Science we are finding out all about plants and trees. We are going to be able to identify and name some trees and wild plants. We will be exploring the school grounds to find different types of plants and trees. 


In Art we will be taking inspiration from one of the characters in the story Lost and Found who is a penguin. We will explore different media to draw and make different penguins. 


In RE we are continuing to learn about Islam. We will be finding out about where and how Muslims worship. We will find out about prayer rituals and what Muslims do in a mosque. 

Our Church School Value this term is...





We explore the following questions in worship:

  • What does it mean to be thankful?
  • What does it mean to take someone or something for granted?
  • What are we thankful for within our school community.


We will also explore the story of Easter during our worship times. 

Our Bible story of the term is ...


Psalm 100 - v1-5

Term 3


This term in science we are learning all about animals. We will find out what makes a fish a fish, a bird a bird and a mammal a mammal. We will also explore amphibians and reptiles too. We are going to find out which animals are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We will be sorting and classifying. Some of our scientific investigations will be in the Mystical Garden. I wonder which animals we might encounter there. 


In Geography we are finding the North Pole, South Pole and the equator. We will use maps and globes to help us. We are going to find out about each of these areas and decide which of these destinations we'd like to go to. We will also explore the learning question: Can meerkats live at the North Pole?


RE this term is all about Islam. We will explore what Muslim's believe about God. What it means to be a Muslim and Muslim's are helped and guided with their faith. We will explore stories from the Qur'an about the prophet Muhammad. 


In Art we will be exploring the art work of the author and illustrator Eric Carle. We will explore the techniques he uses to create his pictures in the story Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear? We will create our own versions of different animals. 

Our Church School Value this term is...




We will explore the following in our worship times:

In what ways did Jesus show compassion?

In what ways can you show compassion?

In what way does Coningsby St Michael's show compassion?

How can we show more compassion to others?

Our Bible Story of the Term is Feeding the 5000

Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Animated Bible story for kids based on John 6:5-13.

Term 2


This term our science work is all about our bodies. We're going to name all the parts of our bodies and explore our senses. We will look at how we have changed as we have grown. We will be doing lots of experiments too!


In History we will be exploring Toys! We will explore our favourite toys and talk about toys from the past comparing what we play with to what our Grandparents played with when they were young. We are even going to make our own toy too.


In RE we are looking at the learning question: What do Christians believe about creation? We will explore the Creation story from the bible and answer some challenging questions like: If Christians believe God made the world, how should we take care of it? We will do some art work in response to the story too. 


Our Church School Value this term is...




We will explore the following ideas during worship.


  • What is perseverance?
  • Can you always be good?
  • What does our bible story teach us about perseverance?


Nehemiah is our bible story of the term

Sunday School lessons for Kids! Try 4 FREE lessons: http://sharefaithkids.comDownload the full Nehemiah Sunday School Lesson:

Term 1

Does everyone in stories live happily ever after?


Check back for regular updates and photos of our learning this term. 

Week 3

This week in our outdoor area, we have been taking part in lots of different activities linked to our classroom learning. Here are some of our activities. 

In PE this week we have been focussing on developing spatial awareness whilst moving in different directions. 

Week 4


This week we wrote and told our own version of the Three Little Pigs by adding our own bad character.

In Maths we have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest. We worked in teams of three.

Week 5


This week in science we worked in teams to build a hose for the little pigs. We chose different materials to build our houses out of ready for the big bad wolf to try and blow down next week! 

Which houses do you think will be blown down? Which ones will stay standing? Do you know why?


We have been working hard in our computing over the last few weeks. We have been learning all about programming and how to create an algorithm for a computer to follow. We created our own BeeBot worlds and then took it in turns setting algorithms for the BeeBot to follow.


Our Church School Value this term is friendship

These are the things we will be thinking about:

Why are friends important to you?

What does it mean to belong to a community of friends?

What are the qualities of a good friend?

Who is a role model that shows how to be a good friend?

What should we do when we disagree?

How can we protect and mend friendships?

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Our bible story of the term.