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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Term 3 Learning

Week 6

Children completed building their vehicles this week. They used different resources to complete their designs and engineering skills to measure where the axles and wheels should go so that they roll in a straight line.

In Year 2 maths this week we looked at even and odd numbers. We investigated what happened when we added odd and even numbers togther.

In Year 1 maths we were finding the difference between two numbers we used cubes to help us work it out.

In Year 1 maths learning today was about subtracting crossing ten. We did this using tens frames, counters and number lines. First we made the largest number on the tens frame then we subtracted the smallest number by taking the counters away. Finally we checked we'd solved the calculation correctly by using our number lines to subtract.

In Year 1 maths we used first, then and now to solve subtraction problems. First I had 17 then 4 were taken and now I have 13. We worked with a partner to show these calculations with counters and on our whiteboards.

In Year 1 Maths we looked at taking away 1s from a number like 4-3 = 1 then we said if we know that then we know 14-3=11. We used our tens and ones to build the numbers and did each step to show how we worked it out.

Week 5

In computing we used algorithm cards to create a sequence for our Bee-Bots to follow.

Year 2 children continued their learning of division by using the concept of sharing. They had a certain amount of cubes that they had to share to find the answers.

Year 2 this week we have started our work on division. We started by using the method of grouping. Children were given an amount of cubes that they had to group.

Year 1 in Maths we used our knowledge of doubles to help us work out number sentences that had near doubles. We used tens frames and then recorded our work with our partner.

Year 1 in Maths we found our doubles with a partner. We built it and then recorded them on a white board.

                                                                        Week 4

Year 1 in maths looked at an alternative to counting on, children used their number bonds to 10 and related facts to add within 20.

In Year 1 maths we started addition to 20. We started by using a First, Then, Now grid. First I had 7 then I have 5 more now I have 12. We worked with partners

In our computing lesson we had to work as a team to create a map for our bee bots. We then had a go at programming the bee bot.

This term in PSHE we have been looking at dreams and goals. This week we have been looking at how to learn with others. We had a number of tasks to complete with our partners to see how easy, or difficult it was to learn with them. We practiced the Macarena, how to count to 10 in Mandarin, how to count in 2's to 20 in French and how to recite a poem!

In our English lesson we did some acting. We chose a character from the story of Hermelin. Then we did a freeze frame and we had to guess which character everyone was. Then, with a partner we matched the character to the thing they had lost.

                                                                                                  Week 3

In DT this term we are learning about how to design and create a moving vehicle. This week in DT the children explored how to make a vehicle with wheels that can move. Super learning Squirrles!

In Year 2 this week we are continuing with our learning on money, today we have been using number bonds to 100 to help us work out how to make £1.

Year 1 in Maths we used blank number lines to estimate where our number would go. Our partner checked our work. Great estimating Squirrles class!

                                                                                                   Week 2

In maths Year 2 we have been looking money. This week we have been looking at making the same amount. Super work Year 2!

In maths Year 1 have been looking at numbers to 20. This week we built, drew and explored the numbers 14 to 20. We worked with a partner who checked to see if we were correct!

Week 1

Year 1 this week have been looking at place value to 20. In Friday’s lesson we explored the numbers 11,12 and 13 by drawing it, building it and representing it in different ways. Super work this week Year 1!

In Maths the Year 1 children explored number ten. They built it, drew it and represented it in lots of different ways. Great work Year 1's!