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Coningsby St Michael's

Church of England

Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Our class teachers are Mrs Pobjoy, Miss Holden, Mrs Pickering and Mrs Chiumento.


Please visit our page for regular updates about our learning. 




This weeks learning for children self isolating:

Week beginning 12.10.20



Read or watch the story of The Gingerbread boy.


Day 1: Read the story and talk about what happened. Who are the main characters? What happens to the gingerbread boy? Draw a map of the story making sure you include all of the places and things that the follow him and that he goes past. Does he live happily ever after?

Day 2: Make your own gingerbread boy. Draw pictures for each thing you did to make your gingerbread boy.

Day 3: Write a list of the ingredients you used to make your gingerbread boy.

Day 4: Write instructions to go with the pictures you drew on Day 2.

Day 5: Design and draw a magic gingerbread boy. Write instructions for a magic gingerbread boy



Spend twenty minutes each day on on phase 2 and phase 3 activities.



Have a look at the white rose activities and have a go at the ones below too.




 frog jumping on number line


Log on to Numbots and complete 30 minutes of the tasks.



Religious Education

Watch the parable of the lost son.

What are Jelly Baby prayers? (see image below)

Introduce the pupils to four jelly-baby characters: Peter Praise, Suzy Sorry, Andrew Ask and Thea Thanks - each character should be a different colour. When might the different characters in the story of the lost son say some of these prayers. 

When might we use some of these types of prayers? Model using the correct colour jelly baby to write a Peter praise prayer – can the children write their own Peter praise prayer?


What about a Suzy Sorry prayer?




Talk about the things you can choose to do and the things that a grown up chooses for you. Complete the sheet below.




Go on youtube and search cosmic yoga or go noodle and do some of the workouts.






PE Days

PE for Mrs Pickering and Mrs Chiumento’s class is on Monday, Mrs Pobjoy’s class is on Thursday.All children need to come to school dressed appropriately for outdoor PE which they will wear all day, No other clothes are needed on those days.



As Coningsby Mathematicians we will begin our learning on numbers, counting and sequences. We will be looking at the language of time e.g yesterday, today, tomorrow, days of the week, now, next etc.


As Coningsby Authors we will be focusing our work around three stories –Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and The Three little pigs. We will be doing lots of brilliant writing using these stories as a starting point. Please share these stories with your children at home.


As Coningsby Scientists we will be learning to identify and name a variety of everyday materials. We will be thinking of ways to describe these materials and learning about their different properties. We will then carry out some experiments to see which materials are best to build a house out of.

Church School Value

As Coningsby Believers we will explore our church school value for this term -Friendship.

We will also be looking at Christianity and what Christians believe about God.

Home Learning Term 1

We are really looking forward to welcoming pupils into school this week. From Thursday 3rd September, Year 1 children will start school at 8:30am and finish at 3pm. They must enter through the double gate onto the main playground and make their way down to their classrooms, where they will be collected from the playground. We ask that you please stick rigidly to these times in order to protect the bubble system and avoid pupil mixing with children from other year groups. 

We believe reading is extremely important. Children need to read all kinds of books.

Year 1 End of year expectations

September 2019 to August 2020

School is now partially reopened for children but we will continue to upload a home learning grid for those not attending below. We hope your children will enjoy these activities and they will help them continue their learning progress. If you have any questions about the tasks, class teachers can be contacted via Dojo. As teachers are in school, they may not reply straight away but will be in touch as soon as it is possible. 

Home Learning Year 1 Week Beginning 20.7.20

Year 1 Home Learning - Week beginning 13th July 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - W/C 6th July 2020

Year 1 home learning - W/C 29th June 2020

Year 1 Home Learning - Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Year 1 home learning WC 15th June 2020

Year 1 home learning W/C 8th June 2020

Year 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 1.6.20

Home learning week beginning 18th May 2020

Home Learning

Week beginning 11th May

Week beginning 4th May 2020

We have lots of activities and challenges for you to complete on our home learning grid below but here are a few extra activities you can take part in for VE Day, which is Friday 8th May! Have fun! 

How to make your own bunting:

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April 2020


This week we have lots of challenges for you and some extra bits from Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Saunders and the big red kitchen.


Mrs Hutchinson:

As a church school this term we are thinking about our church school value of forgiveness. We also love to sing. Please follow these Youtube links to sing some songs about forgiveness. (links below)


Mr Saunders: 

Our Outreach team has been working hard to give us some ideas to stay fit and active.
Here is their first challenge. Tview them, first of all you will need to scan the QR code using your camera on your device to see the instruction videos. Then film your attempts and then send them back using the other QR code on the right.
Let's stay active and safe!!!!

Seventy Times Seven (70 x 7) (Lyric Video) | Here for the Gold [Ktunez Praise]

Video preview for the song "Seventy Times Seven (70 x 7)" from the Ktunez Praise collection, "Here for the Gold." For more information visit http://brentwood...

You Forgive Me

Discipleland is the Children's Ministry of Disciple Community Church in Irvine, CA Discipleland는 디사이플교회의 어린이사역입니다 Song credit to Group Publi...

The Forgiveness Song (Forgive For Kids) Written, recorded and performed by Lee Mottram (c)2019

A happy, singable song about forgiveness and friendship in the playground. Written for my fantastic Y2s. Now available to every teacher and child in the worl...

Home learning 20th April 2020

Term 5


This term our topic is:


Can it snow in the summer?


This topic is all about weather.

We’ll be looking at what the weather is like in the UK in the four seasons. In geography we will explore extreme weather conditions. We’ll also be looking at carrying out some weather experiments in Science.

In RE we’re exploring Christian places of worship and why they’re important to Christians. 

Our focus text for English is The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett. Mrs Parker has recorded this for you and will post it on class dojo.

The church school value for this term is forgiveness.


Why is it important to forgive others?

Is it always easy to forgive?


The bible story of the term is the story of Joseph and his brothers. Genesis starting at chapter 37 it is a long story. Joseph is very forgiving in this story. Could you be as forgiving as Joseph? 

Weather activities 1P - Week 1 wind

Home learning 23rd March 2020

Horncastle News

Two of our fabulous Year One children made it into the Horncastle News this week with their thoughts and feelings about the Coronavirus! Super proud of them both.

Blossom by 1P

Beautiful Spring pictures from Mrs Parker’s class!

A host of Daffodils from Mrs Pobjoy’s class! Keep sending your pictures in!

This term we are looking at Emily Gravett's Meerkat Mail. We will explore what happens to the character, writing postcards, newspaper articles, diary entries and discussing how the character feels. We will also be researching and writing fact files about Meerkats.


In Science we are learning about animals. We will look at birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles exploring what is similar and different about each group.


Our Topic focus this term is Geography. We will be looking at the hot and cold parts of the world exploring the North and South Poles and the equator. Where would you prefer to go on holiday?


During RE this term we will be looking at Islam and how Muslims celebrate Eid and where muslims worship.


In Art we are exploring the illustrations created by Eric Carle and the techniques that he uses.





Our Church School Value is Thankfulness.


The Bible story of the term is: 

The Widow's offering - Mark 12: 41-44





These websites are really useful to support phonics at home:




Scrolling Values

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