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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Are older children faster than us.

This term we are continuing with our learning of Animals including humans. Over the last couple of weeks we have been using our scientific skills to ask our own questions that we can investigate. We came up with, Are older children more clever than us? Are older children more sensible than us? and Are older children faster than us? We decided to investigate whether older children are faster than us. We asked children from  year 6 to help with our investigation. We gave them one minute to see how many times they could run across the playground then we timed ourselves. We predicted that the year 6's would be quicker because they are bigger. However, we discovered that 2 of us were quicker than the year 6's so it just depends on the child because all children are different!

Week 1

This term we are using our scientific skills of, Observing changes over time by watching caterpillars! We got them today and they are tiny! They are 5mm! We are excited to observe the changes over the term.

Week 2

Our caterpillars are massive! They are now 35mm so they have grown 3cm in one week, wow!