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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.


Welcome to our Forest School page. 

This school year we will be working on our Oak Tree  wild passport level. 

Follow us to see and hear all about our progress.

Deer class have had a wonderful afternoon of Forest School today, they had the opportunity to try nature journaling - a lovely, mindful experience involving drawing and writing about the natural world around us. We enjoyed taking some quiet time under the shade, to draw, sketch, paint and write about the beautiful things all around us, such as flowers, different shaped leaves and insects. Deer class have also built their own shelters, played in the mud kitchen and enjoyed played a nature snap card tournament.

In Forest School today deer class choose to play with our outdoor games, they enjoyed playing ‘shut the box’ and Jenga before creating a long line of dominoes, seeing if they could keep them all upright until it was time to knock them all down. Some of the children had a ‘snap’ card tournament, using our nature themed snap cards, we had a clear winner who still remains undefeated! In the mud kitchen area, the children made themselves very busy by creating lots of wonderful recipes including sushi rolls and enough pizzas to feed the entire class! The mud kitchen “management team” held job interviews to find new chefs and we were very impressed by the questions the children asked the interviewees and how thorough and fair their recruitment process was. We also had a calming drawing area in the shade of the trees as well as a peaceful spot to sit and look through our selection of nature books.

In Forest School today Deer class have had the opportunity to play lots of different games such as Jenga and Noughts and Crosses, these were adapted beautifully by some of the children to include conversation starters before taking each turn. Deer class enjoyed mixing in the potion area and creating lots of recipes in the mud kitchen, as well searching for birds and insects in our woodland area. They also had the knot kits out to try creating some different knots and were able to make friendship bracelets using beads.

22nd April 2024

Deer class enjoyed exploring our woodland Forest School site for their first session, creating an area for a mud kitchen as well as making their own games with our natural resources and mixing lots of nature potions. 

Our past Forest School Sessions. 

Deer class had fun harvesting the first lot of potatoes that they planted back in March. They also spent time making petal positions and experimenting with how to change the colour of their water 

Relaxing with the chickens

Deer class have been super busy working on making their class deers. They have been perfecting their mud kitchen recipes and challenging themselves to build kites. 

9th March 2023

Today Deer class were set a challenge to build a den using a limited amount of supplies. They were given: one Tarpaulin sheet, two tent pegs, two guy ropes, three bungee cords, Two den poles and one large length of rope. They all really rose the the challenge, working in teams to solve the problems that they faced. I was super impressed with their designs and constructions.


We also started work on this terms woodwork challenge. 

23rd February 2023

Deer class had a very busy Forest school session. Before we even got the the Mystical Garden the children placed some potatoes on the windowsill for chitting- this means encouraging the potatoes to sprout before planting. After this,  we went to the mystical garden where the children were encouraged to look out for signs of Spring and investigated different ways to draw daffodils.
Lots of the children were fascinated with the addition of a new bug hotel which led to insect hunting and creating the perfect habitats for them- we even had castle for insects to live in created.

The children also helped prepare the planting beds by using garden forks -to help loosen and turn the soil, removing old roots and weeds and making sure that any large stones were removed. We ended our session with a class game of forest school hide and seek.