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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Spring Term 1 - How could you travel the world?

Term 3


In English we are exploring the book Hermelin: The mouse detective by Mini Grey. We will be using this text to inspire us to write our own story. We will also look at letter writing and write a letter as if we are a character from the story. 


In Maths we will be exploring money. Recognising coins and notes and then working with money to solve problems. We will then move onto multiplication and division. 


Our science work this term is all about living things and habitats. We will be identifying that most living things live in a habitat. We will identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats as well as looking at food chains. 


In History we are exploring how different forms of transport have changed over time. We are looking at inventors of transport and thinking about how railways changed the way people lived. 


RE this term is all about thankfulness. We will explore what we are thankful for in our everyday lives. We will then find out how Christians give thanks for a new baby through baptism.