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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Foxes Three/ Four

Hi and welcome to the Foxes' page of the school website. There are 27 children in our class. Mr. Edge is our the Teacher and Mrs. Chadwick, Mrs Milner and Ms Marshall are our Teaching Assistants. Have a look at all the exciting things we do in our class!

Church School Value of the Term

Bible Story of the Term - Jesus Forgives Peter

Timetable for the Term

Year 3 and 4 Homework Spring Term 2

Home Learning

Art - Colour Mixing - Primary / Secondary / Tertiary Colours

Science - Pitch

In Science, we tried to find out what changed the pitch of the sound for different producers of sound. We used elastic bands, a xylophone, drums, cups of water and a set of panpipes. We found out that:


  • Elastic bands - the tighter the elastic band the higher the pitch.
  • Drum - The larger the drum the lower the pitch
  • Xylophone - The longer the bar the lower the pitch
  • Cup of water - The greater the amount of water in the cup the higher the pitch
  • Panpipes - the longer the pipe the lower the pitch.

Science - Volume

In Science, we investigated why sounds can be louder and quieter. We used triangles and tuning forks. We found out that:
  • The stronger the vibration the louder the sound
  • The weaker the vibration the quieter the sound.

Visit from Imam Atikur Rehman Patel

Computing - Using Logo

Geography - Using atlases to find rainforests around the world

Art - Kandinsky

In our Art lesson we studied a piece of art by Wassily Kandinsky called "Squares with Concentric Circles (1913). We then tried to create our own version of this piece of art.

Science - Invertebrate Hunt

World Book Day

Science - Creating classification keys.

DT - Food - Making pitta bread