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Academic Year 2017~2018 Eco-Warriors

Y1 & Y2 - James McDonnell, Daisy Best, Oskar Best, Taylor May.

Y3 & Y4 - Aidan Eadsforth, Ben Monaghan, Haris Khan, Zac Ashley- Rogers.

Y5 & Y6 - Reece Monaghan, Toby Bailey, Tia-Louise Bunn, Jola Ominiyi, Amelia Ridge, Ziva Rowberry, James Duncan, Rebecca Webster. 


An Eco-Warrior is an individual who cares about our environment and the diversity of life forms that share it. Being an Eco-Warrior is to simply care for our environment in our daily activities and decision making.


Our team of school Eco-Warriors will work with Miss Bennett to develop our Mystical Garden.

Look for updates on this page!


Pumpkin Competition

The Eco-Warriors came third in a local pumpkin growing competition - fabulous result! We can't wait until next year to grow even bigger and better pumpkins!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Pumpkin Soup


The Eco Warriors have harvested the pumpkins from the Mystical Garden and have made pumpkin soup in the Big Red Kitchen! 


Look at what we have been growing...

Look at what we have been growing... 1
Look at what we have been growing... 2
Look at what we have been growing... 3
Look at what we have been growing... 4
Look at what we have been growing... 5

Grandparent Gardening Week


On Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March, Coningsby St. Michael’s Primary School took part in ‘Food for Life’ Grandparent Gardening Week. This was an opportunity for grandparents to do some gardening and outdoor activities with their family. The activities included planting some seeds in our raised beds as well as decorating some flowerpots and stones in the mystical garden. It was lovely to see so many grandparents in school. The Mystical garden looks a lot tidier thanks to all of your hard work!