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Coningsby St Michael's

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Year 6

Term 1

In term 1 we looked at the circulatory system and explored keeping our bodies healthy.

We investigated what makes a balanced diet and looked at the different food groups and their functions. We carried out a whole class investigation to find out whether exercise makes a difference to our pulse rates and produced a graph comparing resting bpm and bpm following exercise. We looked at the different drugs that are available to use and explored the correct use of these and whether they benefited or did not benefit our bodies.

We then made a board game to show all the information that we had learnt, colour coding our questions according to the work he had covered. 

Term 2

In term 2 we looked at light and shadows.

We explored natural and man made sources of light and addressed any misconceptions eg the moon reflects light but is not a light source.

We explored how the eye worked and labelled parts of the eye. 

We investigated how mirrors can reflect light and used this knowledge to see round corners in the mystical garden.

We investigated as a group how shadows change as an object moves further from the light source.

Term 3

In term 3 we looked at classifying living things.

We looked at the different groups that living things are classified into including plants and animals . We focused on vertebrates and invertebrates and understanding the differences looking closely at the criteria for each group.

Term 4

In term 4 we looked at inheritance and evolution.

We discussed what the term inheritance means and looked for characteristics that we have inherited from our parents. We explored how animals have adapted to live in their environment. We then focused on evolution and looked how animals have evolved and the process of evolution and why this occurs. We carried out an investigation looking at beak types and which would be best suited to pick up different types of food. We were also given the challenge of creating a new species to live in a given habitat and labelling characteristics that would help it survive. 

Term 5

This term in Science we have been looking at electricity and answering the question how can you light up your life? We have had lots of fun making circuits using a range of materials and then presenting these circuits using scientific circuit symbols. We created our own switches using various materials and added different components to circuits to see what affect they had. We also designed our own alarm systems to keep our school goats safe in their enclosure. 

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