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Coningsby St Michael's

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Year 4

Term 3 - How do our ears work?


Despite being in lockdown this term, some exciting science activities were still taking place both at school and at home. Children at home went on a sound walk and noted down the things they could hear and where these sounds were coming from. We then made our own musical instruments straws to create high and low sounds and used a string telephone to discover how sound travels. 

Term 4 - Living Things

Term 4 - Living things and their habitats


We started this terms science by grouping animals in a variety of ways as well as learning about the characteristics that are shared by all living things. We learnt how to use classification keys and discovered the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. We also enjoyed an invertebrate hunt in the mystical garden, where we discovered a variety of animals hiding in lots of different places. Towards the end of term, we learnt about the positive and negative changes to our local habitat, with a particular focus on the changes that humans exert on the environment. 

Term 5 - Teeth

Term 5


This term in science we are learning all about animals including humans. In our science lessons so far, we have constructed food chains and have learnt the meaning of the terms 'producer' and 'consumer'. We have also learnt about the different types of teeth in humans and have identified their functions. Using marshmallows as teeth, we also constructed a human mouth and labelled the different types of teeth. In the coming weeks, we will continue to look at the importance of keeping our teeth healthy and will conduct a tooth decay experiment involving eggs to act as our teeth and a variety of different liquids.  

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