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Coningsby St Michael's

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Year 2

The lifecycle of a butterfly.

The children have had an amazing time this term learning all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They have observed patiently as they grew in size, formed a chrysalis and then changed into a butterfly. We have been feeding them on oranges and bananas and today we set them free!

Terms 5 and 6 - Animals including Humans


This term children will be learning all about Animals including Humans, they will be using the science enquiry, 'Observing changes over time' by looking at how they have changed and developed since they were babies. We will be having a, 'guess the baby' competition. We started the learning by having a Zoom call with Mrs Weston and her beautiful baby 10 week old baby, Olivia. Children asked lots of questions about the baby and realised that her mummy has to do everything for her. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different foods and which ones are healthy for us. Keeping food and exercise diaries and looking at the effect exercise has on our bodies. We will also be receiving some live caterpillars so that we can watch their lifecycle!

Check out our guess the baby competition!

Term 4 - Plants


Despite starting the term with two weeks of lockdown, Year 2 children still started their learning of plants through live lessons. In school, we planted some cress seeds for children at home so they could still observe them growing over time. They also drew seeds and bulbs close up and described the differences between them. Since returning, children have taken part in cross-curricular activities where they started off by looking at a variety of fruit and vegetables and the plants they came from. From here they designed their own farm and described why they would plant certain fruits and vegetables. They then predicted what fruit would look like inside, cut it open, tried it and then drew and painted it. Children have also looked at the life cycle of plants and planted bulbs in the Mystical Garden and peas which they will take home at the end of term.


Term 3 - Living Things and Their Habitats!


This term, despite the children being in lockdown, we have seen some absolutely amazing home learning! We started off by looking at things that were living and dead and things that have never lived, children went out into their gardens to complete this and sent in some great pictures of what they found. We then did a live lesson from the Mystical Garden were key worker children made bug hotels, this was completed by children at home too, with children making bug hotels and watching their new creepy crawlies move in! We have also done a live lesson from school where children formed their own food chains! Amazing learning this term, well done Year 2!


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Terms 1 and 2 - Materials


During the Autumn term, children have been learning all about Materials and their everyday uses. Children started this topic by looking in the Mystical Garden and the field at different objects and grouping them into the material they are made from. They have also completed lots of investigations such as; finding absorbent materials, testing the bounciest balls, testing the most durable fabrics and testing for elasticity to make a sling shot to send the Character Beegu from their English back to her home in Space. Children have also been busy at home looking around the house at different materials. Well done Year 2!




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