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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Terms 1 and 2 - Materials


During the Autumn term, children will be learning all about Materials and their everyday uses. Children have started this topic by looking in the field at different objects and grouping them into the material they are made from. 

Children searched on the field for different objects. They found and grouped different types of metal, plastic, fabric and wood. Children then went inside and looked at objects that were the same but made from different materials. They looked at plastic plates, paper plates, plastic forks and wooden forks, they then described why they were the same object but why they might be made of different materials. Children came up with, plastic because it might be cheaper but that plastic can be bad for the environment.

This week children were given lots of different objects from around the classroom and were asked to group them in any way they wanted. Some children grouped them by their properties, such as being transparent, hard and soft and some children grouped them by what they were made from; plastic, metal, glass, fabric and wood!

This week children carried out a comparative test. This is when they look at different resources and think of questions they can ask that could then result in an investigation. Children had cotton wool. tissue, newspaper, tin foil and fabric. They decided to investigate which materials would be most suitable to make a puppy's bedding. They learnt the words absorbent, non-absorbent, waterproof and not waterproof. Some children concluded that the cotton wool would be best because it is soft and absorbent and other children thought newspaper would be best because it is cheap and absorbent.

This week in science children have been comparing the properties of materials. They went to the Mystical Garden and found different types of logs and used scientific vocabulary to describe it. They then chose a material and described the properties and then compared it to the logs.

This week in science we continued our learning of different types of materials. I went around and asked each child to name a different material and they came up with at lease 25 different types which was amazing. They then went on a material hunt around the Mystical Garden to look for different objects, they described the material that it was made from, what it was used for and why it was made from that material.