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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

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Remote learning survey January 2021

Home learning Parent and Pupil Survey results January 2021


Thank you very much to parents for completing the questionnaire and for your comments and responses about online learning. 58% of you responded. The results from our pupil survey can also be found below. The response to this survey was a little disappointing as only 45% of pupils responded. Pupil voice is a crucial part of our school ethos and helps shape our teaching and learning, so we shall try to work harder to improve on this number.

We have compiled the results and are pleased to present them to you. The results of this will be discussed and shared with staff so that we can make our school an even better place to be for pupils and parents. Parents and pupils’ suggestions are gratefully received and will be considered as we set our school development priorities for the future.

I would like to say thank you for your overwhelmingly supportive and positive responses. I am proud to report that 96% of felt supported by your child’s teacher. 94% of you felt your child is receiving the right amount of work. 82% of you said your child is coping well with home learning. 86% of pupils said they enjoyed home learning and a staggering 98% said they know where to get help if they don’t understand the work. That’s testimony to the hard work of parents and teachers at CSM!

As a school we are continually thinking about how we can improve our practice and the well-being of our pupils is paramount. Please read the full report on the document below together with some parent comments and our feedback.

Some of your comments and our feedback:

Your comments

Our feedback

Teachers are doing a great job it’s so hard right now to find the right balance. We are all doing our best!"








Thank you, we are very proud of our staff

I think that under the circumstances the support that has been given and the work set put on by staff is excellent


On a positive I feel it is a lot better organised this lockdown to the previous one and the structure really helps to maintain a balance and keeps my child in a routine. He looks forward to the morning Zooms and having that reminder of school and it helps to get the day started.

A few teething problems with buffering but this could be because of the overload on the internet


We have tried to upload Sways, work in different ways and in different platforms, so we hope this will help you access work easily.

I sometimes struggle to get her to engage with the work. If this happens I don’t push her and she has a break then we go back to it.

This is a great way to manage your child’s day. Many of our sessions are pre-recorded so you can access them at any time

Seeing class teachers in live lessons helps my child to focus

Your child’s well-being is so important to us and we love seeing the children too.

We look forward to the wellbeing sessions and Collective worship each week


She is often still working at 4pm

Please do not feel pressured into completing all the work on the day the work is set. Even at school we can find we have to move on to the next lesson and go back to work when we have time. The fact your child has had a go is a great skill to independent learning strategies.

Sometimes the videos don’t work but having the task descriptions helps me to help my child.

We are learning all the time on how to improve our lessons so all children can access the work.

Teachers are always quick to respond to any queries."


Thank you, your child’s education and welfare is important to us, as is the welfare of parents.

Home is a real struggle, trying to help 2 children whilst working from home is becoming harder

We understand how home learning is affecting all members of the family. Please speak to your child’s teacher to help you. Little and often with breaks throughout the day may help.

The Year 2 teachers have been amazing and we feel very lucky to have such in depth learning available to us! Thank you.

Thank you for this wonderful comment. We have watched some of the Sway & live lessons and agree with your comments!

I’ve struggled with the technical side of home learning but the teachers have been quick to respond and help.

That’s great to here. We are all learning news ways to use technology while supporting families and will soon be able to work for Google or Microsoft!