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How to promote phonics at home

To get really confident in phonics children need to practise, practise, practise! This can be done in so many creative and active ways. Any practise you do at home helps. 


There are a few skills to to focus on:

1. Correct pronunciation of the phonemes. There is a video below showing the different graphemes (letters) and their associated phonemes (sounds).


2. Blending phonemes to make words.

For example the phonemes c-a-t blended together make cat. Sh-ee-p blend to make sheep.


3. Segmenting the phonemes in words for example: Fish is f-i-sh.


4: Practising reading and writing using these sounds. 


5. Learning tricky words. There is a link below to the tricky words for each phase of the children's phonics journey. 





You can also check out the photos and links in the children's section of our phonics page...

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