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Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary School

Believe. Aspire. Succeed.

Church School Distinctiveness

School Vision

As Jesus welcomes and values children, we at St Michael’s aspire to welcome and value all members of our community. We believe that this welcome and value provides opportunities for all to succeed.

Matthew 18: 2-5


Collective Worship

We enjoy a daily act of collective worship, in many different ways, sometimes as a whole school, key stage and with our own class. We particularly enjoy having visitors to lead our worship including Reverend Sue from St Michael's Church, Padre Kate, Deacon Jayne from the Methodist Church, and the Open the Book team, led by Sandra Hulme.

Our Church School Values


The six Church School Values we are learning about this year are:

  • Friendship
  • Perseverance
  • Compassion
  • Thankfulness
  • Forgiveness
  • Truthfulness

Our Church School Value for this Term is:     





Proverbs 17 v17 “A friend loves at all times…”



Our Bible story this term is:

The good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)




Our Big Questions:


 What does it mean to belong to a community of friends?

The celebration of St. Michael – Who is St Michael and why is he important to us?

Friendship  - What are the qualities of a good friend? Who is a role model how to be a good friend?

Celebrating the harvest  -  How does God provide for us? How can we show we are thankful? Does everyone have a harvest to celebrate?

Friendship – What should we do when we disagree? How can we protect and mend friendships?

We enjoy singing this song. It helps us remember that our school is a place of welcome where everyone is valued.

The Collective Worship Council led worship, sharing our school vision with the whole school.

Still image for this video

A message to the Coningsby St Michael's community

During the period of school closure during the spring and summer terms, staff wanted to make sure the pupils new how much they were valued. They made this video to share with our whole school community.

As a Rights Respecting School we will be taking time to use the UN convention on the rights of every child to consider how these link to our themes in worship. You can find some events on our plan that will help us. 


Our children will be making a difference as we hold our Compassion Fayre. All money raised through the enterprise of the children will be spent on the sponsorship of Youdson in Haiti. This money will provide education and healthcare for him and his family.

How Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program Works

The Open the Book team retelling our Bible story of the term, Elijah and the widow of Zarephath. 1 Kings 17 V 7-24

We were delighted to welcome Deacon Jane to lead Collective Worship.

Christingle Making and Service January 2020

Open the Book Team

Another great collective worship with the Open the Book team this morning. This time, the story of the kind stranger. Children enjoyed joining in with the story telling too.

Our hall displays are created by the staff and pupils to celebrate our Church school values.

Harvest Festival 2019 led by the Collective Worship Council

Open The Book Collective Worship: The story of Peter walking on the water because he had faith in Jesus.

Children from all 3 local primary schools shared in a Mothering Sunday service on March 31st.

We had a wonderful Christingle afternoon! We welcomed parents from over 100 of our school families into the classrooms and all the children made their own Christingle. This was a brilliant way to explore the meaning of the elements of the Christingle. Each class teacher then led an act of worship, with prayers and singing and a moment of reflection as we lit our candles.

Some images from our 'Blessing of the Poppies' service incorporating our act of remembrance. We have been so lucky to work with artist, Ruth Pigott to create the wonderful poppies and tulips for our archway. What an amazing experience, to walk through our archway into church.

We attended the Opening of the Field of Remembrance at RAF Coningsby with members of the Collective Worship Council and MKC Heroes.

Exploring Pentecost

On Friday 18th May Coningsby St Michael's CofE Primary School spent the day exploringPentecost. 

We started the day with a fire in the Mystical garden. Every class visited the firepit which was the perfect setting to hear the story of Pentecost when, after Jesus' death, the disciples first received the Holy Spirit. They listened to the explanation of the spirit coming as a mighty wind and flames of fire and started to understand the impact of the Holy Spirit on the disciples and the early church.

The afternoon was then spent exploring the concepts of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity and Pentecost in a wide variety of ways. The reception children made fiery headbands and used these to role play the story in the outdoor learning area. Year 1 created symbols of the Holy Spirit and year 2 and year 5 spent time exploring the idea of the Holy Spirit as a guiding voice by playing trust games as a class. Year 6 produced some amazing art work to represent what they had understood from the day and were able to talk about their images displaying the "power, peace and excitement" that the Holy Spirit brought to the early church. In year 4 the children explored the fruit of the spirit, thinking about the changes that the Holy Spirit is said to bring to those who receive it and in year 3 the children made twirlers that moved in the wind reminding them that the Holy Spirit can be felt but not seen. There were many other activities of course, Holy Spirit charades and the characteristics of God translated in many languages amongst others, and all classes were able to learn about these tricky concepts in ways that were most relevant to them.

It was a fantastic day, with everyone developing a deeper understanding of Pentecost, children and teachers alike!

Easter Service

In our visit from the 'Open the Book' team we learnt all about the story of Noah and the flood.

Our Cairn ceremony gave us an excellent opportunity to explore what it means to belong to the Christian family and to the family of Coningsby St. Michael's. In these pictures the new reception children are adding their stones to the school cairn.

This morning we were joined by the "Open the Book' team from Coningsby Methodist church in our collective worship. We enjoyed the retelling of the creation story and joined in by being the growing things, the creeping, splashing and flying things! Can you spot us doing the actions?

This is our prayer board. A place where we can share our concerns about people, places and situations that are important to our school community.

Our Year 6 children enjoying the church school's festival at Lincoln cathedral.

Our Prayer Walk  


We went on a prayer walk around school with Reverend Sue Allison. We thanked God for our school and our grounds.



Rev Eleanor Smith led our Collective Worship today. She brought two of her own friends with her and we talked about the importance of friendship.

Stained Glass Window Celebration

Church School Distinctiveness