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School clubs

This are our Autumn Term programme of extra-curricular clubs.  
When What Who is in charge Year groups
Monday GARDENING Miss Bennett Y2 - Y4
Monday NETBALL Mrs Phillips Y4 - Y6
Monday YOUNG VOICES Miss Holden Y4 - Y6
Tuesday MINECRAFT Mr Scoffield Y4-Y6
Tuesday FOOTBALL Synergy Y4 - Y6
Tuesday COLOURING AND CRAFTS  Miss Sykes Y2 - Y6
Wednesday FIRST AID Mrs Phillips Y5
Wednesday MILITARY KIDS CLUB HEROES  Mrs Smith and Mrs Best Y1- Y6
Thursday MULTI-SKILLS Synergy Y1 - Y3



All clubs will commence Monday 11th September and cease the week ending Friday 15th December 2017.

Young Voices


To access the resources available (such as music lyrics and dance routines) visit: www.youngvoices.co.uk