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Welcome to Class RHM


Welcome to our class page. 

There are 28 wonderful children in our class and our teachers are Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs McDowell. We are lucky to have Miss Williams and Mr Bramall helping us every day too. We hope you will enjoy looking at some of our learning activities through the information on this page.



Our topic for term 4 is Superheroes. We will begin by looking at our class text of Supertato, focussing on ways to help defeat the Evil Pea and rescue the vegetables! We will move on to look at heroes in our lives and all the people who help us everyday. Our church school value is Thankfulness.

Here is some useful information in our class newsletter and current timetable.


Please check back on our page for updates about what we have been up to! 

Look at our lovely learning areas, ready and waiting for the children to get started!

We have been having a lovely time learning and playing together in Reception. 

This week the children have enjoyed finding out more about their school. They have been exploring and even discovered that our school has an upstairs! We have talked about what all the different rooms share used for and the children made some brilliant comments about what they could see. They loved looking outside of Mrs Hodson's window, "I like the office as you can see out of the window and see our scarecrow!" They enjoyed being able to look out of different windows because, "there are lots of nice things to look at" and "I like the outside as it's small and then gets bigger!" The children also explored the library for the first time making comments such as "we like the library because we like to read books." 

The children thoroughly enjoyed a trip to space this morning. The classrooms were transformed into alien planets while the children were in the hall getting there spacesuits on and launching their rockets. When they were allowed onto the planet they were given space kits to record their findings. They investigated moon rocks, alien slime, planets to name just a few of the activities that were on offer. The children were all super excited and motivated about their learning. 

A very busy morning investigating an alien planet.

This afternoon we were really lucky to have some firemen visit us from RAF Coningsby. They brought in lots of their equipment to show us and explain to us how they use it. They let us try on some of their clothes, "they were really heavy!" The children listened really well and asked lots of good questions!

We had lots of fun decorating the Christmas tree on 'Bring a bauble Day'. Jasper's Mummy even made us a special Coningsby St Michael's bauble!

Ahoy there shipmates! This term in RHM and RPS we have been learning all about pirates and mermaids! We have been following the story of The three little pirates! In the story the mermaid finds a moonstone and the children have loved using their imaginations about what they would do if they found a moonstone that could grant them any of their wishes. We have made treasure maps and made them look old. We have made pictures with sand and a big pirate ship in our outdoor area to name just a few of the activities we have done. We have also made broccoli and basil soup that lots of the children really enjoyed! The children have loved this topic and are really looking forward to making pirate biscuits for our Enterprise Fair.

Term three pirate fun

We were super proud of the children during our learning journey celebration for parents. They all shared their learning through songs, rhymes and displays of work from the classroom. Well done everyone!

This morning some of the children went over to Toray Pines to sing some songs for the residents there. They sang loudly and enthusiastically and everyone really enjoyed it. Some of the residents joined in and even asked for repeats of their favourite songs!

Some wonderful singing at Toray Pines

World Book Day!


We had a brilliant time dressing up for World Book Day. We shared our books and enjoyed a story read to us by a different teacher. Later some parents came to read with the children. 

Picture 1
This afternoon we walked over to the Methodist Church. Reverend Eleanor showed us round and told us all about the church. The children asked some lovely questions and were really sensible walking to and from the church.

Methodist church trip