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Class 5E

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Welcome to Class 5E!


Our class teacher is Mr Edge. Our HLTA is Mrs Phillips. There are 18 children in our class. There are 7 girls and 11 boys.


We love learning in Class 5E!




Year 5 End of Year Expectations

Church School Value of the Term

Church School Value of the Term 1

Bible Story of the Term: Zacchaeus: The Tax Collector

Mr Edge

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Headteacher Stickers

Headteacher Stickers 1
Headteacher Stickers 2
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Year 5 Timetable for Term 6

Year 5 Term 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Times Tables Homework

School Council

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School Council 2

Collective Worship Council

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International Champions

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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Joe Wicks!

We have been taking part in some live HIIT sessions with The Body Coach - Joe Wicks. He is aiming to get 1 million pupils working out in schools across the world. He is doing this to promote the benefits of exercise and show that fitness can be fun. We have done a 30 minute session each morning. It involves 30 seconds of intense activity followed by 30 seconds rest and then repeat. Some of the exercises we have done include; running on the spot, star jumps, burps and mountain climbers. It has been tiring but great fun!

Houses Of Parliament Visit.

Houses Of Parliament Visit. 1
Our School Councillors took part in a visit to the Houses of Parliament. While they were there they had a tour and got to do a workshop. Then they met our local MP who has given them a certificate. Well done!

St Michael's Day Feast!

St Michael's Day Feast! 1
St Michael's Day Feast! 2
St Michael's Day Feast! 3
St Michael's Day Feast! 4
St Michael's Day Feast! 5
St Michael's Day Feast! 6
By the way, Mr Tablet did it!!

Year 5 Visit To The National Space Centre!

Bring A Bauble Day 2017!

Bring A Bauble Day 2017! 1
Bring A Bauble Day 2017! 2
Bring A Bauble Day 2017! 3

Science - Irreversible Changes!

Science - Irreversible Changes! 1
Science - Irreversible Changes! 2
Science - Irreversible Changes! 3
Science - Irreversible Changes! 4
Science - Irreversible Changes! 5
In our Science lesson we mixed different liquids and solids to see how they reacted. We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, washing powder and lemon juice and effervescent tablet and water. All the reactions produced an irreversible change. We now want to try Mentos and Diet Coke!

World Book Day 2018!

World Book Day 2018! 1
World Book Day 2018! 2

Sport Relief Day 2018!

Sport Relief Day 2018! 1
Sport Relief Day 2018! 2
Sport Relief Day 2018! 3
Sport Relief Day 2018! 4
Sport Relief Day 2018! 5
Sport Relief Day 2018! 6
Sport Relief Day 2018! 7


Pentecost 1
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Pentecost 6
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Pentecost 8
Pentecost 9
Pentecost 10
Pentecost 11
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Pentecost 13
Pentecost 14
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Africa Day!

Africa Day! 1
Africa Day! 2
Africa Day! 3
Africa Day! 4
Africa Day! 5
Today we learnt about Africa Day. This is celebrated on the 25th May. We learnt how it is celebrated in Africa and around the world. We also tried some African food. It was called Jollof Rice. The ingredients are rice, baked pepper, onions and tomato puree. It was delicious!
To start our rainforest topic Mr and Mrs Boon brought in some of their rainforest animals. We learnt their names, where they come from, what they eat and other fascinating information. A great way to start our new topic!