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Welcome to our class!

We hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been doing at school!  Please make sure you visit our page regularly to keep up to date smiley

Miss Green

Miss Green 1

Welcome to Class 4G - our teacher is Miss Green.

There are 25 fantastic children in our class all ready to do some amazing learning.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Pigott.


Welcome to Term 2.


Our topic this term is “Would we survive without water?”


This term our Church School Value is Perseverance.


The Bible story of the term is ‘Healing the paralysed man.’

You can watch it here. https://youtu.be/MshHMMnkS0Y




Our first Class Superstar of the term – Zac, for good organisation, a focussed week of work and answering many questions within lessons.

Headteacher’s stickers were presented to Chloe and Connie for an enthusiastic start to our new topic – ‘Would we survive without water?’

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Our Church School Value for this term is - Friendship!

This term our Bible story is Jesus commandment to his friends’ (John 15. v12-17).

We have really enjoyed learning about the Romans this term. We have compared Romans with Celts, identified the Roman Empire on a map and discussed why they invaded Britain. We have researched Roman gods and goddesses and learnt about the Celtic rebellion led by Boudicca. We had a great time on our Roman day, dressing up as Roman soldiers and gladiators or wearing togas. We met Nigrinus and enjoyed trying to identify the different artefacts that he had brought with him. We also learnt about the strength of the Roman army and had the chance to use the shields that we made to create the famous ‘Tortoise’ formation that the Romans used in battle. We had the opportunity to sample popular Roman foods – like dates, figs, olives, ciabatta bread and grapes – some of these were more popular than others!


In English, we have learnt about instructional writing. We made an edible Roman road and wrote a sequence of instructions of how we did this. Then we ate our road, which was delicious!

We have also enjoyed reading and working with our texts of ‘Vesuvius Poovius’ and ‘Roodica the Rude,’ looking at character and setting descriptions and story writing.


We have linked some of our maths work to our Roman topic as well, as we have learnt to read and combine Roman numerals to make different numbers and have also used them in mathematical calculations. In the final week of our topic, we were challenged to use five colours to create Roman mosaics that had vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of symmetry and sometimes even all three!

In our science lessons, we have been learning about our teeth and how important it is to care for these. We started by looking in mirrors at our teeth and identifying the four different types of teeth that we have and their positions within our mouths.

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We also carried out an investigation to find out the effect different liquids can have on our teeth.

We placed five eggs, because the shell is made from a similar material to the enamel covering our teeth, in to different liquids and left them for a week. We discovered that water and milk are the healthiest drinks for us, as nothing at all happened to the eggs we placed in to these two liquids. The cola, however, badly stained the egg-shell with brown patches and these stains could not be removed. The egg left in the orange juice came out covered with hard clumps of sugar, which had collected on the egg-shell over the course of the week. But the liquid that caused the egg to change the most was vinegar. When we took this egg out of the liquid, after just on week, we were amazed to see that the whole shell had disintegrated and disappeared, the egg had become much bigger and was soft and squidgy like a bouncy ball!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Following this experiment, we created posters, to encourage people to take care of their teeth.


Other highlights of term 1 in 4G were our week of daily exercise, using the Joe Wicks videos, although by the end of the week, we had a few aching body parts shown by our facial expressions!

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Also dressing in our onesies for the day, in support of  sleep charities. 

Saint Michael’s Feast day – we thoroughly enjoyed sharing the food that we brought in and also created an image of Saint Michael, using chalks and paper, which is now hanging on display in our classroom.


Chelsea also had a great day visiting the Houses of Parliament as a member of the School Council, to learn how our laws are made and what else happens in this important building.


Class Superstars in term 1 have been ………


Caleb – for an amazing all round start to Year 4

Amelia – for super presentation in all of her work.

Ryan – for a great all round attitude to his learning and excellent behaviour too.

Amy – for taking an active role in lessons, asking and answering lots of questions.

Alex – for a focussed week of work and improved listening skills.

Madison – For always being sensible and trustworthy and taking great pride in her work.


Headteacher’s Stickers have also been awarded to …..


Week 2 – Ryan and Amy, for enthusiastic reading.

Week 3 – Alex and Katie, for being team players in P.E. lessons.

Week 4 – Amelia and Madison, for beautiful handwriting.

Week 5 – Sammie and Mya, for demonstrating excellent manners around school.

Week 6 – Ruby and Caleb, for being a good friend to others.

Week 7 – Amira and Demi, for having a cheery smile on their face each day.


We have had a great start to the new school year!  

This week we voted for our council representatives for this year.

E-Cadet - Callum

School Council - Chelsea

International Schools Team - Chloe

Librarian - Mya

Eco Warrior - Zac

Collective Worship Team - Jessica


Our first Class Superstar is Ruby-Roze who is a new member of Coningsby St. Michael's and has settled in well and is having a great start to Year 4.

Headteacher's stickers were also awarded to Callum and Chloe, also for having a great start to the term.


Our Term 1 Newsletter!

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Year 4 End of Year Expectations